Advanced tìm kiếm and recovery complex pek-490, established in the mid-seventies, in the interest of space, was to consist of several cars extreme off-road capability. Together with the other samples it was planned lớn develop an all-terrain vehicle with rotary-screw mover, able to reach the most remote areas. The first attempt at such a machine was khổng lồ project the zil-2906. The prototype of this type showed a lack of features, và this led to lớn the start of a new project, the zil-29061. Chạy thử screw vehicle zil-2906 was launched in 1975, và quickly established that this machine does not meet all the requirements of the customer.

The main problem was the lack of engine power. A pair of 37-horsepower engine memz-967а could not provide the required characteristics. In addition, the all-terrain vehicle showed the lack of stability on the water, & the mở cửa cockpit hindered the work of the crew. Most of these shortcomings can be cured by reworking some of the units of an existing machine. Snegohod zil-29061 on the background of the wheeled vehicle zil-4906, february 15, 2015, the defense ministryhowever, in skb zil quickly came to the conclusion on inexpediency of rebuilding rover prototype.

So, to lớn increase the total capacity required of the new engines differ in other dimensions. To lớn install them would have lớn redo the whole case, & because a simple retrofit of the zil-2906 did not make sense. However, based on an existing project was khổng lồ develop a new, initially khổng lồ take trương mục of the experience of the recent tests. New snakehead was supposed lớn be based on the existing design; moreover, it could be considered a modification. In this regard, once the project received the designation zil-29061, showing the continuity of development.

Also this vehicle was named pam-1m, which also reminded about the basic sample. In a new project again was suggested to lớn use a monocoque welded body made of aluminum panels. The upper part of the body, containing the cockpit and engine compartment, was a small box the height of the inclined front wall. The lower part of the body got wider side of the belt. Unlike previous machines, was used vignote slightly down the bottom.

In the front and rear parts of the machine housed a support for the rotary-screw propulsion. Front supports were offered to lớn equip a removable triangular skiing, to facilitate the ascent of the obstacle. Back tư vấn screw mounted vertically, not at an angle, as in previous projects. The rotary scheme of the swamp. Drawing "Equipment & weapons"the stern of the hull forward of the flywheels equipped with two automobile engine vaz-2103 capacity of 77 hp once again used the on-board scheme of power nguồn distribution in which each engine was connected to lớn only one rotor.

To each engine was joined by a single plate dry clutch, four-speed manual transmission, drum and lowering the driveline. Also in the transmission there are two transmission reverse shafts và final drives. Transmission units passed along the body and "Down" in front of the tư vấn rotors. Unlike previous projects, this time the side gears of the screws were in the front of the machine. In the project zil-29061 was offered the rotors updated design.

They consisted of the main cylindrical body and a pair of truncated cones. Inside the new screw, there were walls, through which it was divided into several compartments. Grouser in the form of a double spiral, made of bimetal (steel and aluminum alloy) plate, which has increased its resource in tens times. The length of the new rotor was 3. 35 m, the diameter at the lug – 900 mm.

The helical pitch is 35°. Base zil-2906 was an open-cockpit, no different special convenience and comfort. In the new project the crew compartment could be covered in hard and soft devices. So, instead of a rectangular frame with windscreens used a cap with three bow windows. On vị trí cao nhất it had a roof with luke.

The cap was implemented in concert with a polygonal đứng đầu plate. The whole structure is pivotally attached to the rear frame could rise up, allowing access to the car. The front sloping part of the hull was tilted forward and down. On the front wall of the engine compartment was suggested to lớn install the quick-release wall with a couple of small windows.

The cap & the wall could be used lớn install an insulated tent. Download astronaut through the manhole formed by folding the hood. Photo "Equipment & weapons"in front, at its center, there was a post of the driver"s control. The experience of the previous project, the rover was equipped with traditional authorities in the khung of levers. A driver had a double phối of controls, provides full control of two power nguồn units and augers.

The clutch and gas were controlled by a pair of pedals. Vehicle dashboard allow you to monitor the operation of all systems. Behind the driver"s seat was the second seat that was meant for the doctor. Also zil-29061 had khổng lồ transport two astronauts in a reclining position.

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Khổng lồ accommodate stretchers provided seats along the sides of the crew compartment.

To load the stretcher was offered with a raised hood và the windshield folded sheet. For a comfortable ride in the cold season, the cabin is staffed by the auxiliary heater. For a complete solution to tìm kiếm and recovery tasks of the new rover is equipped with a set of special equipment. On board there was a regular radio r-809м2 and a portable radio direction finder, ncpu-1. Also the crew, depending on the current situation, could use gardening tools, stretchers or other medical equipment, medicines, etc. , in terms of equipment by means of assist snegohod almost no different from other machines of the complex "490". According to the creators, the new vehicle was to lớn be transported to lớn the place of work wheeled vehicle zil-4906.

Before loading onto the media it should remove the front skis, and the hood and the rear wall of the cab. After that, the regular crane lift truck could lift snegohod và put it in your body. Before operating the machine shruggles on the ground and equipped with the necessary items that were previously removed for transport. On the descent or ascent of the screw-terrain vehicle took not more than 20-25 minutes. Towing the lander spacecraft.

Photo "Equipment & weapons"in the new project, requesting changes in the powerplant and drivetrain, we had to actually create the case, which led to a marked increase in size. All-terrain vehicle zil-29061 had a length (hull) is 4. 1 m. The front ski is increased this parameter at 760 mm. Machine width does not exceed 2. 4 m, the height of the roof of the hood of the cab – 2. 2 m ground clearance on a solid surface has reached 760 mm.

Dry weight was determined at the cấp độ of 1. 69 t; curb – 1,855 t. The maximum weight reached 2250 kg, with 400 kilogam had on the payload. The last consisted of four people và a little less than a hundredweight of equipment. Build an experienced snegohod zil-29061, was completed in the late spring of 1979. After a few days the car was sent khổng lồ the fish plant "Nara", the ponds which have been used as a testing ground for new technology.

Until the beginning of august, the rover was tested on different modes & in different conditions. It was found that he could walk up or down the coast with a steepness of 23°. During mooring trials rotary-screw propulsion has developed a thrust of 760 kg. Maximum speed in the water up to 15 km/h in shallow water with a muddy bottom speed did not exceed 11. 3 km/h.

Curiously, along with the zil-29061 similar testing base of zil-2906. This machine is, quite expectedly, showed less high performance. Also, tests were conducted on the roads and the sand. In all cases, a new prototype showed acceptable performance. It was found that on the wet sand, the rover can only move sideways, at a tốc độ of not more than 0. 5 km/h.

But such a location did not have any problems with maneuverability. Snegohod zil-29061 with the mower. Photo "Equipment and weapons"in the winter of 1978 experienced zil-29061 went to West kavik to check in the most severe conditions. It turned out that the air temperature at -40°c does not interfere with start and to warm up the oto in just half an hour. A few minutes after the beginning of the movement mechanisms was heated and could work at desired modes.

Cabin heater for 15-20 minutes, allowed khổng lồ raise the temperature by about 30°. However, there were identified typical problem: regardless of the operation of the heater, frame stretchers remained cold. The fact that the metal parts of the stretcher in contact with the case và did not have time to lớn warm up: heat is transferred lớn the housing & outside air. After proper preparation of the vehicle showed the highest results. So, on the virgin snow depth of 1 m, carrying a full payload, the car accelerated to 25 km/h maneuverability was found satisfactory.

Depending on load & speed, fuel consumption can vary between 20-33 l/h. In late january near vorkuta launched the first tactical exercises with the use of machines complex pek-490, including the zil-29061. Cargo all-terrain vehicle zil-4906 delivered snegohod in a given area, after which he independently moved khổng lồ the location of the simulated landing of the descent module. In order not to thua thảm time, the crew in advance of the descent of the rover on the ground, took their seats in the cockpit, & started and warmed the engine. This whole stage of the descent lớn earth followed by a trip to lớn the astronauts took only a few minutes.

Discovering conditional astronauts, the crew was loaded into the oto lying for that, too, is not gone.