Attention required!

Beautifully Crafted, Just for You ZenFone A501CG has combined the best of the điện thoại thông minh experience with powerful performance that will improve every aspect of your life.

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Simple, Peaceful , Beautiful, this is what ZenFone A501CG designed lớn be.




Perfect performance,without compromises


64-bit memory

Double-speed memory

There"s conventional điện thoại thông minh memory and then there"s ZenFone A501CG"s 64-bit memory. It races along at twice the speed of the 32-bit memory that holds back many competing models, so everything works faster — much faster.


Dual SIM, Dual Standby

ZenFone A501CG features two SIM card slots in one device, allowing you lớn use a single device for your personal and work needs. ZenFone A501CG"s advanced antenmãng cầu design provides fantastic performance even in areas with poor signal - such as on the metro or in a tunnel. It also has been tuned to lớn reduce power consumption when searching for a signal, resulting in a noticeable increase in standby time.


Dual Carrier HSPA+

High tốc độ download

With tư vấn for network speeds up to 42Mbps DC-HSPA+ and dual carrier, you can effortlessly stream HD Clip, browse the web or work while you"re out & about.


High-tốc độ worldwide roaming

We know your ZenFone A501CG will go everywhere with you, so we"ve built in quad-b& công nghệ lớn connect you to high-quality voice và high-speed data networks across all four corners of the globe.

Power nguồn Saving

Long battery life for all-day use

Beauty & cảm ứng

Your splendid new mobile experience begins with a single touch

Your ZenFone A501CG experience starts at your fingertips. Get in touch with the next step in di động giải pháp công nghệ.

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Splendid display

Stunning display

ZenFone A501CG is equipped with a high resolution 1280 x 800 HD IPS+ display, sporting a px density of 294ppi for an impressive visual appearance. TruVivid giải pháp công nghệ with improved clarity, lighter and beautiful vivid color.

Exclusive sầu TruVivid laminated display

Our exclusive sầu lamination giải pháp công nghệ reduces the thickness of the touch sensor resulting in a display that"s lighter, brighter và more vivid — ZenFone A501CG is alive sầu with color & clarity!

Gorilla Glass 3

Tougher than ever

Laser-guided thiết kế & advanced dual antenna

ZenFone A501CG is manufactured with laser precision for a finish that feels as premium as it looks. We"ve also engineered Zentenna, a clever dual antenna that"s three times (3X) more effective than traditional designs — & that means reliable connections và clear unique wherever you are.

cảm biến Responsiveness

Incredible touch reponsiveness

Encounter a stunning touch experience on ZenFone A501CG, with a record-breaking response time of just about 60ms. Scrolling is virtually without any noticeable lag. A resilient anti-fingerprint coating effectively reduces smudges on the screen!

cảm ứng response that"s as fast as you

ZenFone A501CG"s super-sensitive sầu display responds to your touch in just 60 milliseconds, so every tap, swipe và gesture is registered instantly. If you think you know touch, touch again with ZenFone A501CG.

Fingerprint-fighting, smooth-glide coating

We"ve sầu applied a microscopically-thin coating to ZenFone A501CG"s beautiful display that fends off smudges, stains và fingerprints, keeping everything bright for your eye và clean & smooth for your touch.

Glovecảm biến

Intuitive glove sầu touch

Get the most out of your ZenFone A501CG in every scenario! Display sensitivity is increased with new technologies that make it possible to use the device while wearing gloves.

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SonicMaster SonicMaster giải pháp công nghệ is the renowned audio optimization technology developed by the Golden Ear Team. It is a combination of superior hardware and software - uncompromisingly designed lớn deliver the ultimate sound experience.

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