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asus Zenfone 2 Display và Touch Screen Glass ZE550ML Z008D - đen

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Buy Now LCD with touch Screen for hãng asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 ZB601KL - black Display Glass bộ combo Folder

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hãng asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 Display & Touch Screen Glass full bộ X00TD ZB601KL - black

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1Seeking OutAsus Zenfone 2 Display & Touch Screen Glass ZE550ML Z008DIf Yes, Then You Definitely Determined What You?re Looking For. The Display You Are Displaying On This web Page Is ForAsus Zenfone 2 Display và Touch Screen Glass ZE550ML Z008D.It"s Surely A Whole set Of Display And liên hệ Display Screen Glass Both Parts Which May Be Used to Update A Damaged Display Screen Or contact Display Screen.

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2As You Could See In The Photos Under, The Display And liên hệ Screen Glass Both Components Are Fixed In A Single Unit That?s Called thư mục (Combo). This combo Must Be Replaced In Case Of Any Screen Or liên hệ Display Damaged Or Broken. As You Could See, Both Parts Are Closely Mixed and This Is The Best Substitute For That. The Combination Unit Is The Only Factor Which You Can Buy After A Damaged Display.
3Many People Need to Replace The Most Effective Glass OfAsus Zenfone 2 Display và Touch Screen Glass ZE550ML Z008D But That Isn?t Always Easy to Understand Which One Is Best. It Surely Doesn?t Confirm It Whether A Display Is Damaged Or contact Display Glass Is Damaged. You Continually Want khổng lồ UpdateComplete Combination Of A Screen As Well As touch Display Glass. Many Customers Need to lớn Update Most Effective cảm ứng Screen Glass Without Expertise The Real Concept

hàng hóa Details
1Original unique ofAsus Zenfone 2 Display and Touch Screen Glass ZE550ML Z008DBrand New Display và TouchScreen Combo
2The Same Resolution With Your Old Screen.
3Fit In Your smartphone Very Well.
4Tested Good unique Product.
5Replace With Your Broken Display Or cảm ứng Glass Or Both ForMakingYour smartphone New Again.
6Original chất lượng Gorilla Glass Protection.
7To Work Properly Tested ByA Technician Before Dispatch.
8Fresh Ready Stock With Same Day Fast Shipping.

Before InstallationNotice
1Test before installationand donot remove any protective film, Sticker, or tags.

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2Screen replacement is a veryfragile product. We stronglysuggest chạy thử before installation. Please simulates testing, which means mobilephone apart, (motherboard + LCD or screen) connected audio cable & newreplacement, power on, demo finished. If the test OK, please install it. If itcannot show, please contact us for the very first time. Và please bởi not forceit to be installedonthe mobilephone. We will not beresponsible if the di động phone is damaged during installation.
3Please make sure LCD cable vị notover-blend. Over 90 degrees bentwill cause a black display.

Display TechnologiesUsed in game android Phones
1LCD (Liquid CrystalDisplay)
2OLED (OrganicLight-Emitting Diode)
3AMOLED (Active-MatrixOrganic Light-Emitting Diode)
4IPS-LCD (In-PlaneSwitching Liquid Crystal Display)
5The screen, whencombined with the touch element, is "the" major element of the user interfaceand as such, we go khổng lồ great lengths when testing screens during our reviews the process to measure the chất lượng of a display by measuring Contrast Ratio, ColorCalibration, Brightness, and Sunlight Legibility.

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