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Maybe a question that many regular fans of her ask lớn anyone but has no answer. Yui is popular among otaku - anime lover - jpop community, many of her popular song is a soundtrack for top anime such as rolling stone bleach và again full metal alchemist. I used lớn be a hardcore bạn (và still a người now). For me, she is the purest kind of japan singer I know. Her passion of music và love / gratitude toward her fans is just adorable và real. She isn"t your typical idols who acts xinh tươi to lớn gain more fans. Her singing is sincere và she also write her own tuy vậy. It"s a pity that YUI has been a victlặng of yet another Japan entertainment industry hierarchy system.

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All Yui fans know that she used to lớn perform on a street with only several passerby, & still did the same even after being famous. Her down khổng lồ earth personality is what hindrance her khổng lồ fly even higher, it seems glamour life isn"t suitable for YUI who don"t lượt thích using expensive brand. She doesn"t try to lớn be fake, she sing with her own style & that"s the reason public love her.Like kat-tun jun akanishi who rebelled toward his agency Johnny"s jr, Sony (YUI agency) perhaps thinks that YUI is too hard khổng lồ manage. She might refuse the concept that isn"t her style (lượt thích bubbly cutesy girly style). YUI fans know that SONY lượt thích khổng lồ interfering YUI in her musical production, limited her interaction with the fans. YUI used lớn be very popular, ranking no1 và a profitable singer, thus become SONY"s favorite. Unfortunately, They market YUI like some kind of product and not human, force her khổng lồ act certain ways, "milking" her as much as possible. Do you realize that beside all the tour/concert, cf amd tv appearance that she needs lớn attkết thúc, in average she release a new song within 2-3 months regularly. How stressful is that? Take in mind that YUI create her own tuy nhiên. there won"t be any fun left, no matter how much your passion is in singing. It"s just take several times until YUI stop to functioning like what SONY want.YUI try to lớn get back her freedom as musician, she always longing to lớn get baông chồng khổng lồ her old self... before all the fame reach her. Because of the pressure that her agency as well as the manager gave sầu, YUI get a panic attaông chồng. She diagnosed with panic disorder & depression. She can"t create new music anymore.... All her activities are shutting down, she is going on hiatus.Later, She decided to step out as popular singer YUI, & create her own indie b& flower flower, changed her name as yui (lower case). But SONY try to lớn interfere with her band, sabotaged them so it won"t become big. Sad enough, you won"t get far if you doesn"t have connection in japan entertainment industry. YUI just got baông xã her freedom for short amount of time. Because of this, Her mental sickness is baông chồng again haunting her.She escaped all that by going khổng lồ France and live there for awhile. People who met YUI (locals people) said that she is a humble & heartwarming person, although she seems a little bit down. She help the choir và create several tuy nhiên for children. Until her manager get bachồng to lớn her, ask her khổng lồ return khổng lồ nhật bản. YUI Landlord in the place where she lived in French said that the manager is too controlling & strict toward YUI. YUI has disappeared within the flower flower bvà that she created and along the year, she disappeared completely from Japan music industry.

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Currently, she is married now with someone outside the industry & already having her twin children.Update on 2018:She was previously married to lớn a man outside of the industry in April năm ngoái và had identical twin boys. However, they divorced in August 2016. She is managing her musical career while caring for her three-year-old sons, as well as completing a nationwide tour with her b& this year.YUI first husband isn"t well known, rumor said that he is an architect, there is no info regarding the reason of the divorce. Soon after that, exactly one year, YUI already date with another new man, it is a thể hình trainer. The agency of YUI also admitted this news & told fans that they will get married on 2019, along with a newborn baby on feb 2019. Yes, YUI will get her third child. Hopefully the new marriage will last longer than the previous one. Wish the best for YUI and the new family.UPDATE on 2020: It seems our beloved YUI is now baông xã in the business, she released another BOP here:
You can also see her again in Japanese music program lượt thích Music station and ongaku, which means her banned is already lifted by Sony. Yes, she indeed has struggle with his personal life this pass years, but who isn"t? I bet many fans are still waiting for her new music, vị you? She might not have that cutey face anymore, và looks more mature, but so do we.

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Anonymous16 October 2019 at 05:32

YUI is dead. She went crazy và ruined her career with that awful b&.Her music sucks now, her voice is very weak now, her albums/singles don't sell for shit và she cuts her hair like an idiot as well has hanging out with her 3 ugly ass bandmates.She is a has-been now, she threw away her career and she threw away a good chunk of her twenties.She literally pissed her life away. Now she's stuông xã with 3 kids and I feel bad for them having a crazy woman as a mother.

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