Yi 4k+ review: a solid gopro alternative



Yes, you can use smartphones today to capture 4K videos with great chất lượng. However, the smartphone is not equipped for environments where action cameras can be used. Smartphones are bulkier, have sầu their own phối of restrictions, and are more expensive sầu. Action cameras, on the other hand, are built rugged — they are smaller, light-weight & bởi just one job – record the đoạn phim, unlike smartphones which are multitasking devices.

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The Yi 4K kích hoạt Camera is the same kích thước as a GoPro, but slightly slimmer. While the GoPro has a rubber body, the Yi has a complete plastic build. Both have protruding cameras in common. Sporting a larger display, the Yi has a 2.19-inch 640x360 resolution panel with a touch interface to lớn handle all the settings and tasks. The Yi has just a single button that doubles up as a power and shutter release & is located on the top with a small LED. Alongside the button are two microphones for stereo audio and a tiny speaker grille. The left has a small rubber flap that houses a micro USB port for charging and data transfer, while the bottom is trang chủ to a 1400mAh battery and the micro SD card slot that can hold up lớn 64GB SDXC cards. The bottom also sports a screw mount for a tripod. The front has a protruding camera lens & an LED that shows the status of the camera. In comparison lớn the GoPro, there is an additional simple monochrome LCD display up front lớn know the status of the camera & more details shown there. In the case of Yi, everything is on the rear display itself.

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The toàn thân or chassis is tough and rugged, made from hard plastic và will take a few beatings with ease. It measures 65milimet x 42mm x 30mm & is pretty compact. The display screen is a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass, but does not sport an oleophobic coating — you will be constantly wiping the screen, which is important when shooting outdoors in broad sunlight. Unlike the GoPro, the Yi does not sport any waterproof exterior, và you will need a housing if you are planning khổng lồ grab videos while on a water trip or during the rains. Nevertheless, the Yi 4K kích hoạt Camera is very simple to operate & ensures that you get what is needed from it. It comes with a 12-month warranty period.

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Below the hood, the Yi 4K Action Camera is powered by an Ambarella A9SE chipphối that runs on an 800 MHz dual-core Cortex-A9 ARM CPU. The chipphối is equipped with a high-performance digital signal processing (DSP) subsystem with a 32-Mpx image sensor pipeline (ISP), và an advanced H.264 encoder capable of 4K resolution. The image sensor is a 1/2.3-inch Sony IMX377 module that can produce 12 megapixels. Atop the sensor is an f/2.8 aperture 155-degree wide-angle lens (7 lens setup) that can withstvà a 7G force and capture wide-angle shots up khổng lồ 155 degrees. To communicate with your smartphone is a Broadcom BCM43340 Dual-band 5GHz/2.4GHz wireless network (802.11n) that offers up lớn 30Mbps tải về speeds. To pair up & use a wireless remote, the camera also sports a Bluetooth 4.0 module. Powering the camera is a 1400mAh Li-ion battery that uses a micro USB port khổng lồ charge. With this battery, the Yi Camera can record a maximum of up khổng lồ 110 minutes in 4K, provided other features are turned off — for example, the Wi-Fi and LCD need to be turned off. If you keep these on, then the battery life is reduced accordingly. The maximum time you can on the Yi Camera is 152 minutes (that is 2.5+ hours) in 720p mode. These values are company provided and are under lab tests where temperature, features and other factors are considered & controlled.