Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life


The kết thúc of a Saga

It isn’t often that you see a comfortable, workmanlike series like Yakuza vị a complete overhaul in game mechanics or engine. The last time a dramatic shift like this happened was after Yakuza 2 khổng lồ the Japan-only Ryu Ga Gotoku: Kenzan. While that trò chơi stuck the landing & managed lớn improve almost everything from its PlayStation 2 roots, Yakuza 6 finds itself in an odd space.

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Small quality-of-life changes give way to strange concessions in nội dung that undermine the great work that has been done with the main story. & despite being billed as protagonist Kiryu Kazuma’s final chapter, this entry feels positively quaint compared lớn what the series has evolved into.

Even if the trò chơi fails khổng lồ live up khổng lồ expectations, Yakuza 6 is still a damn fine game.


Not many people are probably aware, but the Yakuza series has practically been a yearly installment over in Japan. Apart from the transition from PS2 khổng lồ PS3, a new title has released every year & has pushed Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio to refine its kiến thiết process to lớn churn out a new entry on time. Even with a slight delay in Japan, Yakuza 6 feels like the most rushed entry khổng lồ date.

The biggest drawback is that combat is rather basic. I’m talking Yakuza 1 levels of basic, as Kiryu only has one style và barely any of the series’ signature “heat moves” at his disposal. While it is understandable from a programming perspective, it doesn’t excuse how decidedly last-generation this trò chơi feels. With how much polish Yakuza 0 had, khổng lồ seemingly throw that all away is just bizarre.

The tăng cấp system is also rather simplistic, giving you the ability to lớn unlock literally whatever you want in almost any order. I suppose it makes more sense for Kiryu as he isn’t training or coming of age, but there isn’t a real sense of progression to how you earn your moves. This is then compounded by the physics-based brawling, which can see Kiryu ragdoll from simple hits and makes throwing far more deadly thanks to enemies stumbling over each other.


You’ll still find Club Sega with a couple of arcade games and the outstanding karaoke, but nearly all of the gambling games are gone, bowling và fishing are out, the underground coliseum is missing, and darts and baseball have been simplified to the point of being dull. The newer games, which include a thể hình to train Kiryu, a “sexy” live chat service và an on-rails underwater shooter, are decent enough, but hardly stand up to the quality of past games.

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The other main distractions come in the form of a baseball management sim và the Kiryu Clan, which is kind of like an RTS game. I have no idea what is going on with the baseball thing (despite reading all of the instructions) & Kiryu Clan feels like a half-baked idea that would work better as a mobile spin-off. I appreciate their inclusion having separate storylines attached khổng lồ them, but they aren’t particularly enjoyable in their own right.

Even with how simplified the game is, though, I can’t say I didn’t have fun. The main story beats culminate in some incredible quái vật fights & the excellent soundtrack fits the game’s mood perfectly. People may be disappointed that series regulars Majima Goro, Saejima Taiga, & Dojima Daigo are absent, but I applaud Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio for sticking with a new cast and fleshing them out instead of buckling to fan service.


The main cast is likeable và loaded with lots of poignant speeches about loyalty, honor, & fighting for what is right. This is exactly the kind of stuff I’d expect from a Yakuza title & I’m glad the writing didn’t suffer from the rushed development cycle. That being said, I’m sure plenty of people are going khổng lồ be upset with the finale; I saw it as perfectly complementing the subtitle of the game (which this Western releases finally retains).

As for how the game performs, I cannot confirm what a standard PS4 runs like. I know it operates at 900p for regular users, but I actually upgraded khổng lồ a PS4 Pro in anticipation of this game. At least on the Pro, Yakuza 6 renders at 1080p and a locked 30 FPS. That is a step back from 0 and Kiwami, but the game never drops frames or exhibits any screen tearing. Base PS4 users be warned, though, as I’ve heard some ugly things around the net with regards lớn framerates.

I could nit-pick a lot of problems I had with Yakuza 6 until I end up despising the game, but putting aside the shortcomings and just going along for the ride makes for some damn fine gaming. This may not be the series firing on all cylinders like Yakuza 0, but Yakuza 6 is a worthy conclusion to the legacy of Kiryu that wonderfully sets the stage for what is lớn come next.

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Given more development time, this could have been the definitive entry in the series, but what we’re left with is good enough. Hopefully Kiwami 2 can make some necessary improvements, because the groundwork phối by the rồng Engine is just awesome.