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An XML tệp tin is an XML Paper Specification file.Open one with XPS Viewer (included in Windows) or NiXPS View.You can use software such as Zamzar or PDFaid.com lớn convert XPS lớn PDF, JPG, DOCX, & other types.

An .XPS tệp tin is an XML Paper Specification file that describes the structure and content of a document, including the layout and appearance. XPS files can be one page or several. This article goes into more depth about this file type, how to mở cửa one, và which programs can convert it into familiar formats like PDF or JPG.

What Is an XPS File?

XPS files were first implemented as a replacement for the EMF format & are a bit lượt thích Microsoft"s version of PDFs but based instead on the XML format. Because of the structure of XPS files, their description of a document does not change based on the operating system or printer and is consistent across all platforms.

XPS files are consistent across different computers. That means you can mô tả a document with others and know what you see on the page is the same as what they'll see (when they use an XPS viewer program). You can make an XPS tệp tin in Windows by "printing" lớn Microsoft XPS Document Writer (that option appears when asked which printer to lớn use).

Some XPS files may instead be related khổng lồ Action trả lời files used with some video games, but Microsoft's format is much more common.

How to open XPS Files

Windows 11 and 10 can xuất hiện XPS files using Microsoft"s Reader app. You can use Pagemark to open XPS files on a Mac and the Pagemark XPS Viewer plug-in for Firefox & Safari web browsers. Linux users can use Pagemark"s programs to open XPS files, too.

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Because you might need different programs to open other XPS files, see How to lớn Change the mặc định Program for a Specific file Extension in Windows if it"s automatically opening in a program that you don"t want lớn use it with.

How lớn Convert an XPS file

One of the fastest ways khổng lồ convert an XPS tệp tin to PDF, JPG, PNG, or other image-based formats is khổng lồ upload the file to Zamzar. After the file is loaded on that website, select from a handful of formats to convert the XPS file to, và then tải về the new tệp tin back lớn your computer.

The Able2Extract program does the same but isn"t free. However, it lets you convert an XPS tệp tin to an Excel document, which could be handy depending on what you"re planning to use the tệp tin for.

With Action trả lời files, rename it fromwhatever.xpstowhatever.spsif you want your file to xuất hiện in programs that tư vấn the Sharkport Saved Game tệp tin format (.SPS files). You might also be able lớn convert it lớn MD, CBS, PSU, and other similar formats with the PS2 Save Builder program mentioned above.

More Information on the XPS Format

While the XPS format is Microsoft's attempt at the PDF format, PDF is much more popular than XPS. This is why you've probably encountered way more PDFs in the form of digital ngân hàng statements, product manuals, & an đầu ra option in lots of document và ebook readers/creators.

If they aren't familiar with the extension, sending someone an XPS file might make them think it's malware. Also, because mobile devices and Macs don't include a built-in XPS viewer (and most do have built-in PDF support), you're more likely khổng lồ cause someone to spend time looking around for an XPS viewer than a PDF reader.

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Microsoft has already moved away from the XPS format in favor of OXPS, but PDF is far more compatible and should be used sharing across different computer operating systems.

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