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Xiaomi has been growing in leaps and bounds. While they are dominating the mid-range điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh space, they are so much more than just smartphones. Now, xiaomi mi is a full-fledged electronics company with smart trang chủ products.

Xiaomi has been focused on building its Mijia brand which is Chinese for “Smart Home”, from almost the very beginning. Và in this article, we’ll be looking at an infamous xiaomi Philips collaboration.

So, get ready for the xiaomi Philips LED Smart Desk Lamp 2 Eyecare Review.

In their Smart trang chủ range, xiaomi mi has introduced a variety of products such as Yeelight, Smart Security, Cleaning Robot, and more. In their bid lớn conquer the smart home market, xiaomi has been taking everyday objects & making them smarter, và giving them extra features.

One of them is the Xiaomi Philips eyecare Smart Lamp 2 or Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp.

This is the second edition of this lamp and Xiaomi has collaborated with Philips for this device. Philips is a global leader when it comes to lighting products. With the xiaomi desk lamp 2, Philips created a lamp that is good for your eyes, while mi took care of the design & build.

Of course, nobody can claim khổng lồ be the best. Close competition for the xiaomi mi Philips desk lamp is Taotronic’s, Smart Lamp. But the xiaomi Philips collaboration is nothing lớn look down on. It’s still an amazing product.

Here’s the Xiaomi Philips LED Smart Desk Lamp 2 Eyecare Review.

Mijia Eyecare 2 Smart Desk Lamp Review

After using the mi Philips LED Smart Desk Lamp 2 Eyecare for over a year and putting it through various amounts of áp lực tests, I can confidently state that this is one of the best smart lamps in terms of features and performance. After comparing it against a bunch of other smart lamps in the same price segment. I found that:

The xiaomi mi Xiaomi Philips LED Smart Desk Lamp 2 Eyecare is one of the few smart lamps with true value for money. Not only does it have a flexible exterior with twin lights but it also comes with extremely practical features lượt thích timers & brightness settings. Most importantly, this $54 lamp comes with amazing functions to tư vấn your eye health.

Inside the Box

The xiaomi mi Philips LED Smart Desk Lamp 2 Eyecare comes in a standard brown cardboard box. Although the brown box is sturdy, mi is clearly trying to save some money on the packaging costs. You’ll also find an illustration of the device on the surface of the box along with some tech specifications on the sides.

Inside the box, you’ll find:

An instruction manual that is in ChineseA plug to connect your lamp to electricity The lamp itself.

Inside the instruction manual, you will find a QR code that you can use to download the companion app.


Firstly the xiaomi Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2, is a beautiful lamp with a simple and sleek build.

This xiaomi mi lamp has a large circular base that is made out of plastic và has a matte finish that will protect against fingerprints. The base is quite big and you will need a big table. The xiaomi smart desk lamp 2 has two LED strips: one on the head of the device and the other one on the stem. Because of two lights, this lamp is far brighter than other similar devices.Due to lớn the substantial width of the LED panels, the light spreads more evenly. The LED panel at the stem will illuminate the surface of the desk it’s placed on while the LED panel at the head, pretty much works lượt thích a conventional lamplight.


Underneath the base is rubber soles which give a grip lớn the lamp & cannot be easily pushed. This is an important và useful detail, as it won’t fall if you push it accidentally. It is also important to note that while this lamp is sleek it is on the larger side when compared khổng lồ other smart desk lamps. However, when you consider the fantastic features và the eye care. It is definitely a lamp worth investing in.The buttons are backlit, which makes it great khổng lồ operate in the dark. The arm is about 15.6 inches in length which can be extended and closed this is also quite big and it covers a wide space.

The Bulb

The Bulbs used in the Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp are LED lights that throw out a warm light compared to lớn the sharp trắng light that you encounter on most smart lamps. This is very soothing lớn the eyes.


One of the most chất lượng things about this hàng hóa is that you don’t have khổng lồ connect it lớn a smartphone in order to lớn start using it. Sure, you vì get khổng lồ access various features và it does make your life convenient. However, you can start using this xiaomi mi lamp right off the bat. Which is honestly refreshing.

However, if you vị want to lớn control it through your phone then follow these steps:

Download the Companion Mi home App.Head to lớn the device catalog to add it manually or search for nearby devices.This Device is controlled & connected over WiFi. So, make sure that’s turned on at all times.Once you showroom the device it will connect the lamp lớn the home’s WiFi network.Once it’s synced, You can control the lamp from as far away as a different country. It’s fairly simple & can be phối up in under 5 minutes.


Honestly, the Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2 has quite a few advantages compared lớn other smart lamps or even other mi smart lamps for that matter.

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The attachment between the head and the toàn thân is very flexible, so the light can be adjusted khổng lồ various different angles: even 180 degrees.

While this Philips mi lamp is brighter than most smart lamps out there due to lớn dual lights, it has a very responsive cảm biến panel khổng lồ control the brightness và it also automatically gauges và controls the light to avoid eye strain.


Connectivity Firstly, the lamp is connected via Wifi in your trang chủ or office và not via bluetooth from your phone which is an amazing addition as công nghệ bluetooth không dây drains your battery life. You can not only control this device like all ngươi smart home products through the Mi trang chủ app.Lamps As mentioned earlier, there are two lamps, one on the đứng đầu of the arm and one at the stem. The light at the stem faces backward, giving you an overall lit experience compared lớn a focused lamp which acts as a strain on your eyes. Switching on both the lamps lights up your environment amply. Memory Mode The xiaomi mi desk lamp 2 has a memory mode that remembers the last light mode on your lamp và if you turn it on, the same mode is activated. So if you had it at the highest brightness during the last operation, it will switch on with the highest brightness the next time. Buttons The touch keys on the lamp let you turn the lamp on và off. You can also control the hue and the intensity directly from the base of the lamp. The brightness of the xiaomi mi desk lamp can be increased và decreased with a touch motion or a sliding motion. The buttons are also backlit which lets you control the lamp in darkness.

Mi AppJust like other Mi trang chủ devices, Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp also can be controlled with your smartphone. The first step is to lớn pair the smartphone with your device which takes a minute. Here are some of the features: Pre-built modes The ứng dụng comes with a set of pre-built modes that is a certain level of brightness based on the activity that is being performed. Some of the modes are “Teen Studying”, “Adults Reading”, & “Phone/computer” mode. Auto-off You can choose to lớn power off the smart desk lamp after a certain time period. This is perfect for people who go to sleep without switching off their lamps. You can choose from a range of 1 minute to lớn about 60 minutes. Other Modes Nightlight Mode This is the lowest brightness settings that help you work throughout the night under calm lighting.Eye Fatigue Reminder After every 40 odd minutes, the Philips eyecare smart lamp 2 switches off reminding you khổng lồ rest your eyes for a few minutes to lớn avoid eye strain.Ambient Light SensorThis is a sensor that controls the brightness of the lamp depending on the light from the surroundings. This is similar to lớn the sensor on your phone that controls the brightness of your display depending on the surroundings.Scheduling You can schedule it lớn turn off when you are going to lớn sleep, reminding you subtly that you have to lớn go khổng lồ sleep. You can also turn on & off the xiaomi mi lamp remotely which is a safety feature giving the feeling that somebody is trang chủ when you are away traveling.LuminosityThe luminosity of this lamp is as follows.

Within an area of 60cm, there are 1200 luxWithin an area of 90cm, there are 300 luxWithin an area of 1.2 meters, there are 200 lux


Having used this beauty for more than a year I can say with complete confidence that it is one of the best smart desk lamps. Và yes, that’s true even when compared to smart lamps that came out this year. Impressively the cost of this lamp has reduced when compared to when it first hit the market. However, the features it offers still go toe lớn toe with expensive lamps that came out this year.

With regards khổng lồ both real-time and long-term performance, this lamp is stellar. Specifically, I haven’t had any issues with the quality of longevity ever since I got it. The most impressive component of this lamp is actually the bulb which has been through a tremendous amount of stress in the past year và still managed to last this long. The only problem that can really think of is that this trắng lamp is very easy to lớn stain. So, you should probably invest some time once every few months lớn clean it. When coming to real-time performance, this xiaomi mi lamp functions seamlessly. For example, the transition from brightness is smooth without any stutters or lags. Most importantly, this lamp ensures the user complete control over important features such as brightness. It, of course, also has an eye care feature that helps you out with your eye health.The light itself is also fairly soft và is easy on the eye. This is extremely useful if you’re at the desk for long durations. The flexible nature of the lamp is also one of the vi xử lý core reasons for its exceptional performance, this level of customization is honestly, quite hard khổng lồ achieve with other desk lamps. You can actually, target a specific area on your desk with this lamp without having khổng lồ hold it. And lượt thích most xiaomi mi products this one can be hooked up to the Xiaomi home ecosystem which boosts the performance by a level. Most importantly, it’s actually a great device that can help your eye health as it emits only the optimal amount of light required. This makes it less strenuous for the retinas.

Final Thoughts – Should you buy Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp?

Considering the sheer amount of features you get with this smart lamp I would definitely recommend it. The xiaomi mi Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2 is very useful for students, graphic designers, and other creative people. It’s really for anybody who has a trang chủ office and is stuck to the table for a long time.

In this collaboration between Xiaomi và Philips, xiaomi mi brings the flexible and practical design of the lamp và the ever-useful companion app. Whereas, Philips brings the LED Bulb công nghệ which is vastly less harmful to lớn your eyes.You can mix eye fatigue reminders và even use the various features lớn help reduce eye strain. In humble opinion, this is a brilliant product and yes although it is 50 dollars, it’s super worth it.If there was a con, then it’s the lack of a USB port lớn charge your devices while using the lamp. But again, that is not the function of this lamp.

However, at the price point and the features provided, the Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp from mi is the lamp you need! It is definitely part of Xiaomi’s goal to create a line of completely automated smart home products.

How does the Eyecare 2 protect your eyes? 

Eyecare 2 has the softest white light you will see on a lamp. This is called a soft white. This isn’t harsh. At night, when there isn’t ambient light and there is only artificial light, it cannot be too sharp. The lights emitting from Eyecare 2 are super soft that are better for the eyes. Check out our mi Philips LED Smart Desk Lamp 2 Eyecare đánh giá for all the details.

Does the Eyecare 2 give enough ambient light? 

More than a direct source of light, I prefer eyecare 2 lớn be an ambient light emitter. The Eyecare 2 is pretty good at emitting light và creating an artificial ambient light that looks natural và is easy on the eyes. Check out our xiaomi Philips LED Smart Desk Lamp 2 Eyecare đánh giá for all the details.

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User Reviews

After looking for a long while, I finally found a desk light that suits my needs. The mi Philips eyecare desk light is elegant và simple in design. The warmer tint light that it produces is pleasant khổng lồ the eyes. I use the light mainly on the first or second output đầu ra mode. Others are khổng lồ bright for me at this moment. But if you have a bigger desk and the light sits further away, it’s nice to lớn have multiple output modes.

The back-light is are a great feature khổng lồ have. It lights-up the area behind my computer monitor, lớn give extra comfort at night. The downside is that it only comes with a cn charger. Of course, you can order an adapter, but it would’ve been nice lớn choose between CN/EU/US or UK plug.

You can bend the light up & down, and a little bit sideways. You vì chưng have to lớn hold the base of the lamp with one hand and adjust it with the other. There should be more weight in the base, to lớn prevent the light from tilting forward when adjusting the angle.

The touch buttons work very easy và require all most no touch to respond. This light is only available in White, which is also a drawback for some. Personally, I lượt thích the black color version more. Even after an hour on the lowest setting the head of the light, ur the plastic cover at the lady became warm. Cooling is excellent. This is a great desk light if you’re looking for an elegant yet effective light for your desk.

Kevin From USA
Mijia Eyecare 2 Smart Desk Lamp review Xiaomi Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2 – Design & FeaturesXiaomi Philips LED Smart Desk Lamp 2 Eyecare reviews – Features Final Thoughts – Should you buy Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp?Does the Eyecare 2 give enough ambient light? 

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