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Play against other people online! Can you become the longest slither of the day?If your head touches another player, you will explode và die. But if other players run inlớn YOU, then THEY will explode & you can eat their remains!In slither.io, even if you're tiny, you have sầu a chance khổng lồ win. If you're skilled or lucky, you can swerve sầu in front of a much larger player to defeat them!Download now and start slithering!

Great app!

Great game but I have some complaints. First of all, I can’t find any snakes over 5k when I play AI mode. It’s really upsetting that you can’t find the snakes on the leaderboard in AI mode. I guess it is to make you keep playing thinking there is still competition but I don’t know why they wouldn’t be real, it makes it very difficult to lớn get bigger when there is only a bunch of little snakes. I would really appreciate if there was an update were the bigger snakes were added. Another issue is the lag. When I am playing Online mode there tends khổng lồ be a lot of lag when I am near big snakes that are going really fast or when snakes are wrapping around smaller snakes. I would give sầu this game 5 stars if these problems were fixed! Also, maybe in the future there could be an update with levels & coins to lớn buy new skins và accessories. It would definitely be really cool and make the game a little more exciting if you were able lớn level up and get coins for new skins và accessory’s. But Overall this is an AMAZING game & I really lượt thích that you can choose between AI and Online mode. I would definitely recommend this game to lớn anyone who is looking for a fun game to play on or off line.

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Good game but not so great

Thistrò chơi is very very frustrating when you die and you have sầu so many things speaking of that you can never really get so many things because lượt thích people just pop out of nowhere. I think I don’t like I don’t think it’s necessary to lớn have sầu a game mode where are you there has khổng lồ be Wi-Fi usually people aren’t in their houses sometimes they are but a lot of families are really active and just having the need lớn have sầu them have a Wi-Fi thing that’s just crazy. There are so many glitches I can’t even handle it when I’m lượt thích about khổng lồ get so many things lượt thích there’s a glitch & then it makes me bump into lớn someone and for people who are saying oh this game has no grudge is it all what are people talking about or so wrong it’s probably because the game like some more that’s what people think but of the game lượt thích in the more that’s not true it’s actually just the games fault & none of yours if you think that’s your fault don’t think it’s the game developers và the lags on it it’s none of your business for it to be going wrong. And I would really appreciate it if they would add some more colors for the snake making. And when ever you like or about lớn be the biggest sometoàn thân has to cut you off. And people all over the world think this is a frustrating game and I agree with them and like when ever there is some glitch it’s not your fault it’s your devices the game & the game developers don’t think it’s any of your faul.

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An phầm mềm in decline

This is a game that started out as innovative, fun, and family friendly. I truly enjoyed it và had a blast playing with my kids. For whatever reason, it appears that the author/company has stopped doing anything lớn maintain the playability of the game. I've sầu noticed the performance of the ứng dụng steadily decline over the last two months with no communication from the company indicating they are trying khổng lồ fix the problem. The "live" mode where you play against other players has now reached the point where it simply doesn't work 95% of the time. If you're lucky enough to lớn get through a short game without the tiện ích totally crashing, you're likely frustrated by the games inability to keep up with gameplay. The screen will frequently lochồng for seconds at a time... và then comes baông xã lớn life & shows you that you died during the freeze. I'm actually very surprised that there aren't performance requirements for games in the App Store that remove unsupported or poorly performing 10kiem.vn. At this point, this game is entirely unplayable, & I would recommkết thúc removing it from the store until the company steps up and fixes the performance problems. Unfortunately, this is yet another Đánh Giá regarding the same issues, & it appears nobody will be fixing anything in the near future. Don't download this game và support a developer that doesn't live up khổng lồ their responsibilities.

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