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Deep Silver"s zombie flick Dead Island 2 is coming & we can"t wait, but the newly announced zombie types are very similar lớn some iconic Left 4 Dead enemies.

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We know we have been waiting a very long time for Dead Island 2 khổng lồ drop, but Deep Silver’s upcoming zombie-action adventureis on the way and the team behind it are starting to nói qua some more details about what we can expect come launch. If you’re excited to enter “Hell-a” & take on some nasty infected, you’re going to lớn want lớn know about the Dead Island 2 zombie types you’ll come face-to-face with in-game. Although, you’re going khổng lồ recognise these all-too-well if you’ve played Left 4 Dead 2 – or Back 4 Blood, for that matter – before.

As you’ll be able to lớn see for yourself on the official Dead Island 2 site here, there will be at least three types of Apex Zombie in this hack-and-slash game: Screamers, Slobbers, và Crushers.

Visually, these enemy types look pretty grim – which is what you want from a game about mashing undead heads across a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. However, they also sound like they’re going lớn be almost identical lớn some of Left 4 Dead’s unique infected types.

For example, the Crusher in Dead Island 2 is described as “big nasty mother******s” that will “swing at anything” – which is something that also applies to lớn Left 4 Dead’s Tank. However, they’re also going lớn “make you move” if you don’t move out of the way. While this isn’tgoing khổng lồ be identical to Left 4 Dead 2’s Charger, it does sound quite similar to Back 4 Blood’s Bruisers.

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But, things start lớn sound a little more similar when you look at the new Screamer Apex Zombie in Dead Island 2. When these start screaming in-game, “the whole neighbourhood swings by” – và they can actually attack you themselves. We don’t know about you, but it soundsa lot lượt thích what a Witch would kết thúc up doing to lớn you in the Left 4 Dead series (if you were unlucky enough to trigger it). Again, it also sounds lượt thích Back 4 Blood’s Snitcher.

The third Apex Zombie type revealed by Deep Silver is called the Slobber – this is Dead Island 2’s equivalent of a Boomer, or the Reeker from Back 4 Blood. Originally called Floaters in the Dead Island universe, these enemies are going khổng lồ puke at players if they get too close. There’s no mention of them exploding just yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised khổng lồ see that little addition in-game.


Either way, as exciting as this all is, we can’t help but wonder why there isn’t more innovation in this unqiue genre of games. All of the best Xbox zombie games have these sorts of enemy types available, và it looks lượt thích Dead Island 2 is going to lớn play it safe và adopt some archetypes for it’s own branch of infected.

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Of course, though, this isn’t the be-all and end-all; we’re expecting khổng lồ see more details announced as we approach the Dead Island 2 release date. With any luck, we’ll see something a little more unique pop up. Dead Island 2 will be just as humorous và horrifying as the original, though, so there’s still a lot to lớn look forward to.