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If you are looking for an MMORPG that is attractive sầu enough to lớn play for a long time, you can try World of Warcraft sản phẩm điện thoại APK. It was developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

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Overview information

NamePublisherCategoryVersionSizeRequiresMOD Features
World of Warcraft Mobile
Activision Blizzard
Android 5.0

Introduce about World of Warcraft Mobile

World of Warcraft is one of the legendary MMORPGs, first released in 2004 for the PC platkhung. It was considered an MMORPG monument at that time, associated with the childhood of gamers 8x and 9x generation. After 16 years, the game returns to the Android version, called World of Warcraft điện thoại. Are you ready lớn join Warcraft’s fantasy universe & re-visit your childhood memories?


The context of World of Warcraft Mobile is built in the World of Warcraft Azeroth like the original version. Here, players will begin their journey lớn discover and conquer Azeroth, fighting barbarian races và the most ferocious monsters!


An MMORPG in general does not have a specific destination like a storyline role-playing game. You will not try to lớn find and defeat the last boss khổng lồ finish the journey. Instead, you’ll try to develop your character, explore the world, bởi quests, make friends with other players, & create new achievements.


The quest system in World of Warcraft sản phẩm điện thoại accounts for a large part of the game’s nội dung & duration. You will find these quests from the NPC on the maps. They provide the necessary guidance và valuable rewards as you complete them. The nội dung of quests centered around fighting monsters lớn protect the World of Warcraft Azeroth. And sometimes, you also have sầu to risk yourself lớn attachồng caves, dark dungeons, và powerful bosses.

The difficulty màn chơi of the mission depends on the màn chơi of the character. But sometimes, you can’t complete the task on your own. World of Warcraft sản phẩm điện thoại is a multiplayer role-playing game, so you can team up with other real players. Thanks to lớn that, you will get more tư vấn. The game also offers some special missions for the team, with lots of bonuses và special resources, items.


World of Warcraft Mobile allows you to create your own character. You can change their appearance và choose the class for them. Warcraft Azeroth is made up of two main parts including the Kalimdor continent và the eastern continent. Depending on your character’s class, you will start playing in different locations on the two continents mentioned above.

Characters can also use costumes & equipment. You can buy them from the shop, craft from ingredients, or receive sầu rewards from NPCs for completing the quest. The equipment helps character increase attribute points and overall damage. You also have sầu a chance to lớn get rarely equipment when fights monsters.

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Many places to explore

In fact, Warcraft Azeroth has a lot of areas for you to explore. Some places have been controlled và peace has been achieved, others have waged war, chaos, & unchecked. Therefore, you need to lớn be extra careful when setting foot in such places.

You have an overview of World of Warcraft di động through the world bản đồ. It reveals notable locations like Undercity – a crypt in an abandoned đô thị where hordes of zombies live sầu và thrive sầu. Ironforge đô thị, also known as the stone thành phố, with giant structures built from stone, placed next to lớn a mountain. Thunder Bluff with rugged terrain, is home page to ancient tribes và creatures.

In addition, World of Warcraft thiết bị di động also has small towns, where quest NPCs and functional NPCs help you buy/sell, repair, & upgrade essential items.


Besides the quest system, you should also pay attention khổng lồ events in World of Warcraft mobile khổng lồ collect bonuses và resources, special equipment.

The game will notify you when events will take place. You can also view more information about new updates and news on the official website of this game.

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Download World of Warcraft mobile APK for Android

World of Warcraft Azeroth is where you will find your mission when you start your adventure in World of Warcraft di động. The long-standing feud between humans và the demons has risen, causing wars to constantly ensue. Use your strength to fight, and find other teammates to lớn size an alliance, together to protect the world.

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