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The bags remained until the stigmas were withered và considered no longer receptive và checks for fruit phối were then made.
All told, the bakufu"s monopoly on the export of marine products that had been cultivated and protected for a century withered và eventually died.
The figure has a withered right leg và dropped foot, which are typical of poliomyelitis (fig001pmn).
The above cases not only survived but also demonstrated the remarkable capacity to expand as other programs withered under the deregulation agenda.
Cases of the present sample confirm the supposition that process in personam " withered away " over the course of the seventeenth century.
Such narrow-mindedness was perhaps one of the reasons why consumers" co-operation withered in the twentieth century.
However, with the withering away of the neural và immunological views of the body, the genetic view is becoming increasingly the sole (soul) determinant of selfhood.
The legitimacy of domination has withered away, & the public resistance and challenge of power has created an awakening ahy vọng broader segments of the dominated group.
Stinking vapour tainted the atmosphere of the entire island; - even the grass which no cinder rain had stifled completely withered up; - the fish perished in the poisoned sea.
The notion of national systems is still such a powerful convention amongst economic actors khổng lồ the extent that it is hard to envisage it withering away.

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