More details continue lớn leak out of Microsoft on the Windows 10 Creators Update. Reviewing build 14997, we have several exciting updates on what we can expect from the huge update next year.

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More signs of significant improvements in Windows 10 Creators Update are starting lớn show up in leaked builds. Build 14997 recently leaked, và enthusiasts are discovering new functionality such as xanh light, better tab management in Microsoft Edge, & a new themes interface in the universal settings app. The addition of xanh light is significant; we previously looked at a third-party solution called f.lux, which provides similar functionality. Táo bị cắn included the feature in quả táo 9.3 earlier this year called Night Mode.

Windows 10 Creator Update – blue Light

Blue light is a health-focused feature that manages how the light reflected from your computer at night affects your eyes. Its primary goal is khổng lồ reduce eye strain and promote better sleeping habits. Blue light initially appeared in early builds of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update but never made it to lớn the final release. Screenshots show work Microsoft is working to lớn make it easily accessible from the Display system settings. Users can toggle on xanh light lớn have Windows 10 manage it automatically.

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Overall, the Windows 10 Creators Update is looking khổng lồ be a major revision since Microsoft launched Windows 10 in 2015. Revealed in late October, the new version includes a brand-new Paint app called Paint 3D, replacing the old win32 Paint app. The ứng dụng lets users create 3d objects, which they can later upload lớn Remix.com và share with a community of users.

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Other Tidbits…

The Creators Update will also make it easy khổng lồ communicate with family & friends, with quicker access khổng lồ family and friends using a new contact picker tool called Windows MyPeople. Virtual Reality is also a major part of the Creators Update story; Microsoft is working with industry partners to access 3D nội dung easier through affordable hardware. Microsoft is working khổng lồ have the new version ready by spring 2017. Early builds revealed the new version would be labeled 1703, which suggests Microsoft is targeting a March release.