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The Windows Insider Program lets you preview builds of the upcoming release of Windows 10. This lists all of the Windows 10 features for you to lớn try in 19H1.

Notable New Features

Windows Sandbox

Windows Sandbox is a new lightweight desktop environment tailored for safely running applications in isolation.How many times have you downloaded an executable file, but were afraid khổng lồ run it? Have you ever been in a situation which required a clean installation of Windows, but didn’t want to set up a virtual machine?

At, we regularly encounter these situations, so we developed Windows Sandbox: an isolated desktop environment where you can run untrusted software without the fear of lasting impact khổng lồ your device. Any software installed in Windows Sandbox stays only in the sandbox and cannot affect your host. Once Windows Sandbox is closed, all the software with all of its files và state are permanently deleted.

Windows Sandbox has the following properties:

Part of Windows – everything required for this feature ships with Windows 10 Pro và Enterprise. No need to tải về a VHD!Pristine – every time Windows Sandbox runs, it’s as clean as a brand-new installation of Windows.Disposable – nothing persists on the device; everything is discarded after you close the application.Secure – uses hardware-based virtualization for kernel isolation, which relies on the Hypervisor to run a separate kernel which isolates Windows Sandbox from the host.Efficient – uses integrated kernel scheduler, smart memory management, và virtual GPU.

To install Windows Sandbox, go lớn Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Programs & Features > Turn Windows Features on or off, & then select Enable Windows Sandbox.To start Windows Sandbox, open the Start menu, enter Windows Sandbox và then select it.

Windows Sandbox respects the host diagnostic data settings. All other privacy settings are set to their default values.For more information, please visit Windows Sandbox at Windows Kernel Internals.

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We are excited to lớn learn how you use Windows Sandbox! As we continue to showroom new functionality, your feedback is crucial in shaping the direction of this feature, so nội dung your thoughts with us at Feedback Hub.


Windows light theme

We introduced the new light theme in Windows 10 with Build 18282, and today’s build has some improvements khổng lồ light theme worth taking note of based on your feedback:

We fixed an issue where the text in the battery flyout might become unreadable in light theme due khổng lồ it being white.We fixed an issue where the scrollbar in the network flyout wasn’t visible in light theme.We fixed an issue where the autoplay icon in the systray wasn’t visible in light theme.We fixed an issue where impacting the network and volume icons in the notification area where after switching khổng lồ light theme they wouldn’t update from trắng to đen until explorer restarted.We fixed a similar issue where not all supported app icons in the taskbar would switch colors on the taskbar when switching between light & dark theme (particularly on the secondary monitor).We’ve made some adjustments to lớn address issues where when using light theme trắng icons in notifications weren’t readable.We’re updating the Settings icon to now be dark grey in the taskbar when light theme is enabled rather than black.


Ever since we introduced the ability to lớn choose between light và dark in Windows 10, we"ve heard feedback asking for a truer separation between the two options. When you select Light under Settings > Personalization > Colors, the expectation is that the system color would be lighter too. & it didn"t do that before – the taskbar & many other things stayed dark. Now, if you choose Light under Settings > Personalization > Colors, all system UI will now be light. This includes the taskbar, Start menu, kích hoạt Center, cảm ứng keyboard, and more.

When you update to lớn this build, your system color won"t automatically change to the new light system color. This is because we want everything khổng lồ be exactly as you left it before you did the update. We"re leaving the choice up to lớn you! If you had light mode selected prior khổng lồ the update, this is what màu sắc Settings will look lượt thích after updating:


To try the full light experience, just select Light in the Choose your color dropdown.

As part of this work we"re also adding a new mặc định wallpaper! Showcased above, you can use it on your PC today by going to Settings > Personalization > Themes và selecting Windows Light. This will also change your PC to lớn be light themed.

We look forward lớn hearing your feedback on the new light system màu sắc experience. However, please chú ý that we"re still working on "lightening up" different pieces of the OS & refining the experience. For example, the OneDrive icon in the notification area (system tray) is white, making it hard to lớn see when you are using the light system color. Expect us to refine this experience.

Windows Snip

When we started this journey, we asked for your feedback and two requests shone above the rest:

Add a delay snip optionAdd window snip mode

Delay snip was the first on our list, & we added it with app version 10.1807. We then addressed a few more of your requests with phầm mềm version 10.1809, and today are really excited to lớn announce that window snip is on its way to Insiders too!


Start your snip via your preferred entry point (WIN + Shift + S, Print Screen (if you"ve enabled it), directly from within Snip & Sketch, etc.), & select the window snip option at the top, and snip away! That selection will be remembered the next time you start a snip.

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Currently the window snipping experience is available for một nửa of Insiders, as we want to lớn ensure a smooth rollout – we"ll let you know once it"s live for 100%.