Web Master 3D 104 Apk + Mod (Unlocked) For Android

Do you love Spiderman và dream of saving your hood from bad guys using spider webs? tải về Web Master 3D và enjoy the thrilling action while saving the city!

Be the thành phố hero‪! web Master 3d Features download Web Master 3 chiều mod game android Now – Get Unlimited Gems, Gold, và Elixir
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Web Master 3D
Apr 29, 2023
Android 5.1+
218.69 Mb
Role playing
Unlimited money

Do you love Spiderman? Have you ever dreamt of having web-slinging devices similar to lớn those of Spiderman, kick some bad guys và save the đô thị from crime? tải về Web Master 3d game for an explicit experience of saving the city with spiderman abilities!


Web Master 3d by TapNationis a Role-Playing trò chơi (RPG) that is easily compatible with any apk device. In this game, you will have spiderman powers that you will use khổng lồ defeat enemies và criminals. The game is divided into various levels. Khổng lồ advance in levels, the người chơi should win each cấp độ by shooting lớn maim or eliminate opponents with spider webs. The most exciting thing about the game is the movement of the character from one building lớn another, clinging on walls or cranes by just hanging with spider webs. Download the website Master 3 chiều game and enjoy all the kích hoạt that is in this game!

Be the city hero‪!

As criminals invade the city, a nhân vật is needed to emerge và protect citizens. The hero should always be at the scenes of crime as soon as possible & save innocent people from the criminals. The anh hùng skillfully swings & flies across the thành phố to face enemies & save the thành phố with the help of web-slinging gloves! This is the setting of the web Master 3 chiều game. This action-packed arcade game involves saving the đô thị from criminals by using spider webs.

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Notably, web Master 3 chiều is a first-person all-action game in which a gamer controls a hero capable of shooting cobwebs. The controls of the game are very simple. You just need to lớn touch the screen khổng lồ hurl webs towards enemies. What makes the game interesting is the ability of the character khổng lồ hit enemies against the walls or make them collide with each other. You can also pick items và hit your enemies.

As you progress through the series of game levels, the number of enemies keeps on increasing. Luckily, you will not only use webs to defeat them. You will also have various objects like boxes to lớn maim & eliminate them. Success in various levels will earn you a higher in-game currency which you can use lớn buy new skins for gloves.

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Web Master 3d Features

Without a doubt, web Master 3 chiều offers the greatest stimulating action among many games in this genre. Notwithstanding, the trò chơi also offers the following cool features.


Stealth Action– the web Master 3d is load with tons of breath-taking action. You will play a nhân vật with spiderman superpowers that fling webs to lớn incapacitate your enemies. Moreover, you will be sticking them khổng lồ buildings or smashing objects on their heads. In other scenes, you will have lớn defeat criminal gang bosses & who huge và difficult to defeat. After eliminating all the enemies on sight, you have a helicopter lớn take you khổng lồ the next level! download Web Master 3D and enjoy this addictive và very dynamic action!

Thrilling Adventure– you have not been bitten by a spider, yet you can still throw webs to overcome your enemies. Besides, you can jump from one building khổng lồ another using hanging webs. You will have lớn face different enemies including humongous bosses, monsters, samurai soldiers, và even city gangs with guns. What is more electrifying than the use of a chopper to carry you lớn another màn chơi of the game? download Web Master 3D & enjoy the thrilling adventure of exploring & saving the đô thị at light speed!


Intriguing 3d Graphics– the trò chơi has excellent 3 chiều graphics that bring out the best interface & animated effects. This is a first-person kích hoạt game that makes the player feel part of the game. During the various action scenes, the movement of the anh hùng is also effective và without lags! download Web Master 3 chiều now and enjoy the graphics that come with this thriller action game.

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Different Levels– the game offers a series of various levels with different difficulty levels. You can then become the strongest web superhero with the upgrade of the gloves. On various levels, you will fight different bad guys including Crocodile-man, Rhinoceros man, gang Bosses etc. You also be saving people hanging from a burning storey building, face samurai soldiers in a Japanese environment, hunt for city bad guys etc. Get away lớn another màn chơi by hanging onto a chopper!

Download website Master 3 chiều mod android Now – Get Unlimited Gems, Gold, & Elixir

Get into the action that comes with website Master 3d mod game android Now. Tải về Web Master 3 chiều Mod android Latest Version and win unlimited gems, Gold, and Elixir.