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Anyone who has a Zing ID tài khoản is better off changing their password, và setting up two-layer password protection for the tài khoản even if they no longer play VNG games now. If the old Zing ID trương mục is accessed by others, it is difficult lớn anticipate the consequences.

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In previous posts, Network Administrator informed readers that hundreds of Zing ID accounts were publicly sold on a foreign forums called Accordingly, on this forum, a data file containing more than 163 million Zing ID accounts of VNG, data tệp tin including password, username, game code (gamecode), tin nhắn, phone number, Full name, date of birth, address, IPhường, thành phố name, country name . of Zing ID accounts.

RaidForums is a specialized forums for sharing, buying và selling user leaked data. The attached Zing ID tài khoản data file has a capađô thị of 7.55 GB, and although the tải về of this data file is reflected is quite flickering but the file has also reached the hands of many people. In cases lượt thích this, users often have sầu khổng lồ change the tài khoản password immediately. Not only the current trương mục but also old accounts that are not used should also change the password, và mix up additional protection classes for the tài khoản lớn avoid incalculable consequences.

In the article below, Network Administrator will guide users how to lớn change Zing ID password as well as install 2-layer password, ensure safety. Invites you lớn read the track.

Go to lớn the address and log in lớn the Zing ID tài khoản we used. Now when we log in khổng lồ Zing ID we will be asked to provide more information lớn the tài khoản, in which the most important information we need khổng lồ update now is the protected phone number to lớn create a mechanism almost Password Level 2.

First, the user needs lớn access the address và log into the Zing ID account we used.

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Currently, after the user logs in lớn Zing ID, the system will ask for more information for the account.


The most important information we need to update now is the protected phone number to lớn create a mechanism that is almost password cấp độ 2.


After logging in, we will immediately see the liên kết to lớn change the password. Please change to a new password with higher security.


Please change to a new password with higher security.


When entering the Account protection section, we cliông xã the Xac section to receive the protected phone number.

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Now we wait for the smart code to be sent khổng lồ the phone number we registered as the protected phone number.


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