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If you take your laptop on your commute, pass the time with enjoyable games you can play offline through Chrome.

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If you take your laptop or Chromebook on your commute, whether on a train, bus, or as a passenger in a carpool, you can pass the time with enjoyable games you can play offline.

These free and fun Chrome trò chơi options will keep you entertained and coming back for more. Best of all, you don't need internet access to play them.

Chrome is ending tư vấn for its traditional apps. When you launch these games, you'll see a warning that the phầm mềm is no longer supported. At the time of writing, click Open anyway and the trò chơi runs normally, but be aware this may not work indefinitely.


Prepare for battle in Tank Riders, a 3D action game. You must attack the incoming enemies before they take you out. To do so, guide your tank through islands và caves, and make shots ricochet khổng lồ blast away your foes. With three game modes for Campaign, Multiplayer, and Invasion, there's plenty of fun to lớn keep you entertained.

While the game does work with a joystick, for portability you can use your keyboard. Move your tank using the arrow keys or WASD. Aim with J and L, và fire with the Space key (or use the mouse.) Defend, defeat, và dominate in Tank Riders.

2. Spelunky


Spelunky is a cave exploration game that offers something new every time you play—literally, since the cave's layout alters. Your aim is to collect as much treasure possible, progressing through as many caves as you can.

Along the way you'll encounter enemies to defeat and perils khổng lồ overcome; it's a good job you have your trusty rope to lớn help navigate the caves with ease.

3. Basket và Ball

For a chất lượng basketball game experience, check out Basket và Ball. With a simple goal of guiding your ball lớn the basket, the challenge quickly mounts with puzzles khổng lồ solve and dangerous obstacles in the way. Watch out for fire, bounce around spikes, và use trampolines khổng lồ get lớn your goal.

Use the arrows to guide your basketball và the Space key khổng lồ bounce. If you press the Space key rapidly, you create a power nguồn jump which is necessary to overcome some obstacles. Basket và Ball is definitely tricky, but also a lot of fun.


Unlike other games on this list, Chrome Dino isn't an app. Instead, it's a built-in browser game that appears when you xuất hiện Chrome without an mạng internet connection. But even if you vày have a connection, you can access the game at any time by going lớn chrome://dino/ in your address bar.

Chrome Dino is an endless runner; it's a simple concept, but makes for addictive gameplay. The longer you run, the higher your score. Press space khổng lồ jump and down arrow to duck obstacles.


Memo-Flip is a basic card memory game. You click lớn flip over two cards, trying to find a matching pair. The fewer cards you flip, & the quicker your time, the higher your score.

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There are a handful of different thẻ themes lớn choose from, lượt thích emojis, flowers, và even Christmas if you're in the festive spirit. It's a perfect way to train your brain and improve your memory.

6. Solitaire

When all else fails, you can't go wrong with a good trò chơi of solitaire. This version for Chrome offers nine different modes for you to lớn choose from, including Klondike, Pyramid, miễn phí Cell, and Spider.

There's a hint feature if you get stuck, along with the ability to lớn undo. Challenge yourself by getting the highest score in the least amount of time. If you love solitaire, then you're bound khổng lồ enjoy this offline version.

If it reminds you of the original Windows solitaire, you can also bring back the classic Windows games và enjoy them offline.

While the trò chơi has been around for years, the award-winning Cut the Rope is still a fun và amusing physics puzzler. Your goal is to lớn feed candy to lớn the cute monster named Om Nom, while attempting khổng lồ collect three stars in each level.

As the name implies, you bởi vì this by cutting the rope in the right order, sending the candy swinging through the level. Watch out for spiky objects, use bubbles to lớn your advantage, and keep Om Nom happy as you move through the various worlds.

8. 2048

The puzzling và challenging 2048 is a popular brain-teaser. Game play begins by sliding tiles up, down, left, or right. The numbers on the tiles merge when they match. For example, when two 4s combine, it creates 8. The objective is lớn continue merging and doubling numbers before running out of space on the board.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to shift the tiles in the desired direction. You score while you make moves; when the tiles on the board fill up, your game is over. Lớn get your brain pumping while on the way lớn work, 2048 is perfect.

9. Word Seek

If you're after some good old-fashioned word search fun, tải về the không tính phí offline trò chơi Word Seek for Chrome. It lets you generate grids of different sizes & the words can either be themed or random.

Plus, if you want khổng lồ increase the challenge, you can enable settings like hiding the word danh sách or removing all the vowels.

10. Link All

Another enjoyable challenge for puzzle fans is link All. While the trò chơi is easy khổng lồ learn, it's difficult lớn master. Your goal is to create a path that touches each of the nodes before reaching the goal. Red lines are your obstacles, so you must make your moves around them.

Select the node you want khổng lồ move to and your path begins. You can restart a cấp độ if needed. There are eight stages with 20 levels each. If you like games that flex those gray cells, liên kết All is one to try.

What's Your Favorite miễn phí Offline Chrome Game?

Are you an adventurer, strategist, puzzle-solver, or thẻ shark? Whatever your favorite genre, there's an offline Chrome trò chơi for you, perfect to lớn play whenever you're without an internet connection.

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If you prefer lớn play games on your mobile, don't worry. There are plenty of fun thiết bị di động games you can play without data—some of which we've even featured on this list!

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