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Use Wi-Fi safely

Connect to lớn public networks at airports, hotels, và cafes without worrying about security.

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Surf anonymously

Outfox the spooks and snoops. Phantom VPN masks your IP.. address, hiding your online traces.


"I"ve sầu tried god knows how many vpns and just watch ads and no football I"m happy to lớn pay for a VPN that works và finally found one nice work Dev"


Love gaming? Then play to win

Phantom VPN lets you download region-restricted apps and access gaming servers unavailable in your area. If you’re a pro or a serious amateur, you’ll also welcome the better protection against DDoS attacks Phantom VPN will give you.

1400 servers in 37 countries around the world

Select the country you wish khổng lồ tunnel through khổng lồ anonymously and securely access your favorite websites—all with two clicks.

See all locations


We vày not trachồng the websites you visit nor any info that can links activities back to you.

We do measure how much traffic is consumed, and collect some diagnostic data (e.g. bugs), which you can disable from within the product.

Our policy is as follows: we cannot share what we don"t know.

We must legally comply with the legislation in countries we operate, so we ensure we have nothing sensitive khổng lồ chia sẻ.

To calculate our costs for hosting the infrastructure.

Think of it as a secure piping service: we offer the infrastructure (“VPN tunnels”), you decide how you use it (streaming, shopping, gaming, etc.), and all we know is how much volume flows through it.

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This encryption standard offers more combination possibilities than there are stars in the universe (1042). It would take billions of computers longer to lớn crack the encryption than the age of our universe (13.8 billion years). Password Manager for iOS

Generates strong passwordsSecurely stores passwordsLogs you in automatically

Internet communication is inherently insecure, especially while using a public WiFi in places like cafes, restaurants, và airports. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the best solutions to lớn protect your incoming và outgoing data from being monitored. It helps you in protecting your online privacy và all web traffic. With the Phantom VPN for iOS, you can transfer data from your iPhone & máy tính bảng iPad in a safe way & securely connect khổng lồ a public WiFi.

VPN for iPhone: How does it work?

The iOS VPN App functions as a VPN client lớn create a virtual encrypted tunnel between your iPhone and a remote hệ thống operated by Your data is secure after iPhone & server have sầu verified each other as authentic. Then all traffic gets routed through this tunnel. Data sent from your iPhone reaches the VPN hệ thống và exits the public mạng internet. To others it appears that your iPhone has the IPhường address of the Phantom VPN VPS. This way you browse anonymously online và your privacy is better protected.

What are the advantages of VPN for iOS?

With the không lấy phí VPN ứng dụng for iPhone you:

enjoy the mạng internet without being trackedbeat regional mạng internet censorship andprotect your data from hackers.

Activate VPN for iOS to lớn become invisible, surf anonymously online and leave sầu fewer traces. With the VPN iOS tiện ích, you create your own private tunnel to the mạng internet, hide your IP.. address và bloông chồng your ISPhường. (Internet Service Provider) from monitoring your online activities.

Additionally, you can use our best VPN tiện ích to bypass regional censorship and, for example, watch your favorite TV show from any country – even if access from that country is normally restricted. The location can be easily changed, & you can choose between 36 server locations worldwide.

Hackers will have a hard time stealing passwords and sensitive data lượt thích your banking details, because with an active sầu VPN connection all data sent and received is encrypted. This is especially important when you use public WiFi spots in cafes, airports or hotels, where the traffic can easily be intercepted. Connect lớn the public Wi-Fi network using your VPN app & the data is secured from prying eyes.

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How to activate the không tính tiền VPN for iPhone

You can tải về Phantom VPN App for không tính tiền or buy the Pro version with additional features to lớn have the best VPN tiện ích for iPhone. The không lấy phí version includes 500 MB Mobile VPN data per month, or for unlimited data select Phantom VPN Pro. After installing Phantom VPN on your device, start the app, establish the phone VPN and surf securely online. The VPN for iOS requires iOS 9.0 or higher. As it is compatible with iOS 11.0., the VPN App will work with the lademo iPhones, including iPhone X, & iPads.

The VPN for iOS can be used simultaneously on multiple devices. As well as being available for iOS, it can be also used with Windows, Mac, Android, & even just as an extension in website browsers. You can choose to connect automatically with VPN whenever surfing using aWiFi connection, so you can always surf safely và securely. The VPN app for iOS protects & empowers you in the connected world khổng lồ achieve sầu your goals online. Download now!

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