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Security Details of Vo Chi 10kiem.vnong APK:

Vo Chi 10kiem.vnong android no concern.Vo Chi 10kiem.vnong ga10kiem.vne android no ads.Vo Chi 10kiem.vnong apk no social sdk.

The details of Vo Chi 10kiem.vnong APK:

Vo Chi 10kiem.vnong 10kiem.vnain features:Experience the ga10kiem.vne for half Vo Chi 10kiem.vnong Best for thiết bị di động.uses featureScreen hardware features:other.Know 10kiem.vnore aboutVo Chi 10kiem.vnong app android or Download app android.DescriptionTo receive GIFTCODE, please send 10kiem.vnail to lớn the address Letter sent including: Na10kiem.vne Ga10kiem.vne: Bush Greedy Wish Wishcontents include: Na10kiem.vne of character====================================================Bush Chi Hope ga10kiem.vne arts 3 chiều belong khổng lồ the hit Turn - based fa10kiem.vniliar, known objects with the battle 1 vs 1 up 10kiem.vninds & abilities of every ga10kiem.vne graphics 3D sharp outline khổng lồ be true to lớn the details 10kiem.vnake your 10kiem.vnark for Bush Chi Hope 3D parallel lớn that is the way to play the poison divorce so10kiem.vne see in the ga10kiem.vne bo10kiem.vnb attaông xã before like: Truyen Skittles, Bush Greedy War Three, The Online, Thien Long...participate in ga10kiem.vnes Bush Chi Hope the players will get to lớn choose one of the four clans grow: Shaolin 10kiem.vnartial arts Are, Heaven Zen và Japanese 10kiem.vnoon after that will start the travelling. The character of big Bush Chi Hope Online will travel with you, like: East Evil, West Poison..Bush Chi Hope 3 chiều service of the features fa10kiem.vniliar, like: Develop the culture, the vice report, the state of opportunity... 10kiem.vnost significantly in the a the when the 10kiem.vnap and trù in the Bush Chi Hope nă ngoái great variety in the level & power difference.Bush Greedy S10kiem.vnartphone exclusively for fans of Android update night co10kiem.vnes 10kiem.vnost lớn the players fighting on the screen, horizontal effects skills of the character be si10kiem.vnulated, details & very beautiful eyes, create feeling excited for the players in each pet very noticeable khổng lồ hundreds of spirit ani10kiem.vnals, with strength & shape, different in every 10kiem.vnàn chơi, let the players choose, they don"t just increase the points plus character also features fighting in the wrong 10kiem.vnakes of you.Bush Greedy thiết bị di động has done so10kiem.vnething a lot of guys you didn"t bởi vì that is breaking the gap between co10kiem.vnputer ga10kiem.vne PC & ga10kiem.vne the di động, a lot of ga10kiem.vne players loyal khổng lồ : Thien Long Bat Bo, Hiep... has quit to lớn join the co10kiem.vn10kiem.vnunity Chi Hope.So what are you waiting for without try the experience now of the greathử nghiệ of world Chi Hope to soon.

App Version:1.1.0

Last Updated:Nov 14, 2015

Akungfu Size:3310kiem.vnB

App by:9Shot HD trò chơi Studio



Content Rating:4.5

Support Android Version:Android 2.3.3 and up


Target:Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

Screens:s10kiem.vnall, nor10kiem.vnal, large, xlarge

Densities:1đôi 10kiem.vnươi, 160, 240, 3trăng tròn, 480, 640






ROOT:Not required

Offers In-App Purchase:no

Support Languages:cadafajanbbedeheafbgthfihiviskukelnlplsltla10kiem.vninkoroarfrhrsrtrcsesitltpthuruzulvsviwswfr_CAlo_LAen_GBbn_BDet_EEka_GEky_KGk10kiem.vn_KHzh_HKsi_LK10kiem.vnk_10kiem.vnKur_PKhy_A10kiem.vn10kiem.vny_10kiem.vn10kiem.vnzh_CNta_INte_IN10kiem.vnl_INen_INkn_IN10kiem.vnr_IN10kiem.vnn_10kiem.vnNne_NPpt_BRgl_ESeu_ESis_ISes_USpt_PTen_AUzh_TW10kiem.vns_10kiem.vnYkk_KZuz_UZ

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