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By Staff
Mmilimet. Virtua Cop. Yu Suzuki's original 3 chiều shooter redefined light gun games, replacing the generic FMV of games like Mad Dog McCree with polygonal environments, populated with gangsters galore, exploding stuff aplenty, and boatloads of Sega in-jokes. When we heard Virtua Cop 2 was Dreamcast-bound, we rejoiced ¿ finally, the Model 2 arcade game would get the perfect port it so rightfully deserved. Then we got khổng lồ play it, và our opinion changed pretty quickly. This isn't the arcade Virtua Cop 2 -- it's a Dreamcast port of the PC port of the Saturn port of the arcade version. And it uses Windows CE. "Uh-oh" is right.

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Let's get one thing straight ¿ if you've sầu never played the Virtua Cop games, you've been deprived. These are some of the best gun games ever (& direct forerunners lớn the House of the Dead series), and deserve sầu to be played in all their glory on a 52" projection screen. At the very least, the core gameplay remains in the Dreamcast version ¿ you play as Janet, Smarty, or "Rage," the three police protectors of Virtua City. All hell breaks loose as a ruthless criminal syndicate takes over the once-peaceful metropolis, and the only way to lớn stop them is to lớn kill them all.

One shot drops a bad guy, & shooting them in different locations yields different results (blast the gun out of their hands for the ever-elusive sầu "Justice Shot"). Just be sure khổng lồ avoid innocent civilians, who occasionally leap into the screen, screaming "Don't shoot me" with a heavy Japanese accent. Breaking up the gangster slaughter are the branching pathways ¿ there are two roads through each màn chơi, which you can select by shooting at a road midway through the stages.

So, yeah, the game is there ¿ but the presentation is utterly pathetic. For starters, the frame rate of the arcade version has been chopped in half to a comparatively lethargic 30fps. If the graphics had been super-enhanced in the Soul Calibur fashion, this might have sầu been excusable ¿ but the game looks terrible by today's standards, & the fact that Sega couldn't get it running at 60fps is a of raw laziness.

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"Enhancements" in Virtua Cop 2 are few và far between. Some of the textures are improved from the Saturn version (though many are still pixelly as hell), there's a bit more on-screen detail, và the resolution has been jacked up to 640x480. And that's where the improvements stop. All of the characters were supposedly remodeled with three times the polygons of the arcade version ¿ but damned if they don't look worse. Characters are oddly proportioned, civilians look lượt thích blow-up dolls with misal10kiem.vned textures, và even the Virtua Cops look cheesy ¿ why are they wearing penguin pants?

Even more inexplicable are the new special effects. When you shoot a guy, lightning bolts fly out of his body, and a xanh shockwave lights up the surrounding area. It's almost lượt thích you're playing Tekken, & it's totally out of place in a game like this. I also can't figure out why ninety percent of the bad guys in the second episode look identical ¿ they're all blond-haired, suit-wearing punks with sunglasses, và there's even less variety in baddies than in the Saturn version. Inexcusable.

You want extras? Hope you're satisfied for "Big Head Mode" and "Mirror Mode" (which were present in the Saturn version), 'cause that's all you're getting. After trudging through the game, I was hoping to unlock a "60fps Mode" or a "Non-suchồng Mode," but received diddly-squat.

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All in all, Virtua Cop 2 is a bastardization of a classic game that deserves a lot better. I hoped that Sega would port some of their other Model 2 classics to lớn the Dreamcast, lượt thích DaytonaVirtua Fighter 2 -- but now, I'm not so sure. Bargain basement software lượt thích this has no place in today's market, và porting Sega's notoriously bad PC lineup lớn the Dreamcast is a Very Bad Idea. This better not happen again, guys.

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