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The preferred method for upgrading your recorder’s firmware is connecting the recorder lớn the Internet (via Ethernet cable) & performing a firmware update using the network. Your recorder’s firmware MUST be up to date khổng lồ receive sầu live sầu technical tư vấn.

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New firmware is released to help resolve sầu issues or provide enhanced features lớn your recorder. While the exact steps may vary slightly depending on your mã sản phẩm #, below we will walk you through the process of manually updating your recorder’s firmware.

Clichồng the download link in the Update Firmware box at the top of your product’s tư vấn page.Insert a USB Flash Drive sầu inlớn an available USB port on your PC or Mac.NOTE: The USB Flash Drive sầu must be formatted khổng lồ FAT32. Refer lớn the manual on your product’s tư vấn page for more information on formatting the USB Flash Drive.Use your mouse lớn cliông xã and drag the firmware tệp tin you just downloaded to your formatted USB Flash Drive sầu.Now that you have the new firmware on your USB Flash Drive, remove it from your PC/Mac.Ensure your recorder is powered on và you can see a live image on your TV/monitor.Insert the USB Flash Drive sầu inlớn an available USB port on the front or rear of your recorder.Log in to the recorder with your username.

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NOTE: You may be required khổng lồ enter your login credentials.Right-click on the mouse khổng lồ pull up the Main Menu.Access the Firmware Upgrade thực đơn.NOTE: The exact location (typically in the Maintain or Advanced menu) and title of this menu will vary depending on your Model number. If you have sầu any trouble finding it, please reference your manual which is located on your product’s page. The manual provides an image and detailed information about the Firmware Upgrade thực đơn.From the Firmware Upgrade thực đơn, choose Manual Upgrade or Upgrade from USB.Choose the location for the recorder khổng lồ access the new firmware & click “Submit” or “Upgrade.”Your recorder begins updating the firmware. A progress bar appears on screen và shows the status of the update.Once the update has completed, your recorder automatically reboots.

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NOTE: DO NOT disconnect the power or turn off the recorder during the tăng cấp process or you may cause irreparable damage.You can now remove the USB Flash Drive from the recorder.

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