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Bottom Line

The best TVs just inched slightly further towards perfection. But the built-in sound bars are awkward, expensive và unnecessary. Our piông xã is the base-level C7 which avoids the trimmings.

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Last year, buying a TV was simple. The best TVs on the market came from LG’s 4K năm 2016 OLED range but if you couldn’t afford that you bought a Hisense Series 7. Easy. Things are getting a bit more 10kiem.vnplex this year thanks khổng lồ LG supplying OLED panels khổng lồ the likes of Panasonic, so hopefully we’ll see a bit more 10kiem.vnpetition and lower prices in the OLED space… soon. But for now, Hisense and LG OLED are still the only models worth bothering with. The problem is, LG’s 2016 OLED TVs were borderline perfect & the 2017 models 10kiem.vne with some controversial design choices. So the question is, are the 2017 models worth buying?

All of the 2017 models have the same picture chất lượng và on-board features. They only differ in design flourishes, built-in sound bars & price. As such, despite us reviewing the 65-inch G7 Signature Mã Sản Phẩm here, we’ve sầu spent enough time with the rest of the range khổng lồ make re10kiem.vnmendations for all of them.

Picture quality

(Warning: Technical jargon paragraph - feel free to skip khổng lồ the next section) While it’s tricky khổng lồ see how the 2016 OLED TVs could be better, there are some clever technologies at play. For one thing the TVs now operate in a 14-bit colour space (the “latest” HDR content only uses 10-bit), but now the TVs dynamically choose which of that 14-bit space gets processed by the 10-bit HDR. On top of that, Dolby Vision has returned & now there’s considerably more content than a few Ben Stiller Netflix movies. While our memories of the năm 2016 pictures were high, we’re surely looking at perfection here. It’s hard lớn see how 4K Ultra High Definition can get any better in measurable terms.

UHD 4K Blu-ray

As usual with our tests we started off with the opening scenes of The Martian. These are perfect for testing the true-blaông chồng levels of a TV along with brightness và depth of colours. It’s also handy for identifying any Halo Effect (bright areas of light leakage) issues.

The OLED aced every kiểm tra. Letter box bars are pure blachồng, bright areas on a blaông xã screen are surrounded by true black. The red colouring on the dark background was bright và vibrant and surrounded by true blaông xã. Details in shadowy areas were impressively retained and the same went for detail in bright areas in the same scenes. Quite simply, this is still the gold standard of dynamic range performance, true blaông chồng performance và bright, vibrant colours.

Mars in your living room: amazing detail in light and dark areas và vibrant colours matched with true black letterbox bars in a dark room. Pretty much perfect.
Amazingly bright red surrounded by true blaông xã. Few TVs can get cđại bại lớn this.
This innocuous image tells us a great khuyến mãi - there"s no Halo Effect light bleeding whatsoever. On many other TVs light could be glowing all around this image or even streaming in from the bottom. But OLED only lights the pixels it needs. Also notice how the screen is jet blachồng even in a dark room.

The opening also showed us how the TV is great with panning shots – there was no juddering or pixelation khổng lồ be seen anywhere. Picture chất lượng was not-surprisingly outstanding và better than you’ll likely ever see in a cinema.

We moved onto lớn the legendary Costa Rica 4K 60fps showreel on YouTube which is one of the best tests for colour performance, detail và panning. Once again it was essentially perfect with minute detail clearly visible, colours jumping off the screen and next khổng lồ no artefacts & pixelation when scrolling.

The Cost Rica 4K 60fps show reel on YouTube looked flawless.

Netflix 4K with Dolby Vision

There are many TV shows and movies available on Netflix (& apparently Amazon Prime) that now make use of Dolby Vision’s dynamic HDR. This is when Dolby analyses each scene in a film and determines which 10-bit colour space suits that scene best (rather than the usual method of picking one 10-bit space that the entire movie has lớn sit within). But it’s difficult to lớn quantify when watching individual shots; all we can say is that content looked superb và we never noticed any areas which lost detail through excessive brightness và darkness.

There"s now heaps more Dolby Vision content on Netflix. While it"s difficult to show in a single scene, it means whole programs/TV Shows/Movies will look better throughout their duration.

It’s also worth noting that other UHD nội dung here did not suffer from the soap opera effect - where a TV’s image processor makes characters in a scene look lượt thích actors on mix.

Regular TV

We moved on to low-definition content using broadcast TV from our Fetch TV set-top box. Many buyers will still be watching Standard Definition nội dung và so we examine how good a TV is at upscaling… stretching the low resolution over a massive, high-resolution screen. The results of this can look terrible on cheap và expensive TVs alượt thích, but we were generally impressed with the LG’s prowess. Images were displayed smoothly và with minimal noise – where possible. Some content is broadcast in a terrible state & TVs can’t invent detail where it didn’t exist. While it wasn’t perfect here, nothing is and this is still best in class.

Broadcast TV could look exceptional - the food on Masterchef looks very appetising.

We then dropped down to our Father Ted test – the program exists only in a poxy 480i resolution. It’s impossible for any modern TV lớn make this content look good but it was certainly watchable on the 65-inch LG. Upscaling is impressive with artefacts being smoothed out to lớn an impressive sầu degree. There were still some jaggies around some straight lines, but lớn a lesser extent than we’ve seen anywhere else.

Father Ted in 480i looked impressive sầu on the 65-inch screen - that"s some seriously good upscaling.
Junk unique VHS transfers on junk, low-def, broadcast stations lượt thích 7Two looked as bad as you"d expect but were still impressively upscaled.

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It’s worth noting that High definition broadcast TV looked brilliant too – food shows especially are looking more appetising when the broadcast quality is there.


One of our favourite features of TVs is the picture modes. Not only can you have sầu great works of art on display in your home, they appear in frames which, especially if your TV is cthua to lớn the wall, look fantastic due lớn the thin bezels.

Why spend $50m on a painting when you can have all of them for the price of a TV?

There are also moving images of sunny (and rainy) days outside, if you’d lượt thích to have a virtual window.


We used our Xbox One to play games on the TV. In the old days, there could be serious input đầu vào lag which made gaming a nightmare. However, we haven’t seen this as a problem since TVs all started adding Game Mode lớn their settings which turns off the lag-making post processing. Even so, we found most games worked fine without switching to trò chơi Mode. While some professional beat-em up players might have sầu issues with milliseconds of lag, the vast majority of gamers will love using this.

Picture modes

It used to lớn be the case that you’d have khổng lồ tweak picture modes in order to lớn get things just so but we’ve sầu found ourselves not doing this so much with the LG OLED. Cinema mode makes colours warmer but with top nội dung 10kiem.vning from very-high chất lượng sources nowadays there’s less impetus lớn vị this. The main settings we fiddled with involved switching between Standard and Vivid Modes. Vivid can be a bit TOO in your face on occasions – some TVs use it as In Store mode – but we found it simply enhanced content more often than not. Ultimately, we didn’t have to lớn tweak any settings, but the enhanced, advanced menus will allow enthusiasts to lớn play with virtually every possible setting.

Si Patron. Our camera didn"t do the TV justice here. But switching lớn Vivid picture generally made colours a bit more punchy without be10kiem.vning too, "in your face."


The Signature Edition OLED TVs 10kiem.vne with two remotes. One is fully-functioned ‘wand’ remote (which acts like a Wii-mote) that has a microphone for Voice Search features. it also acts as a universal remote… with 10kiem.vnpatible devices. However, we’re not convinced that it has the best layout or is the most intuitive to lớn use: there’s no fast forward or rewind buttons which seems like an annoying oversight. The rubber scroll wheel is also a bit low-profile to lớn use 10kiem.vnfortably.

But there’s much khổng lồ like: responsiveness is very good & both Netflix and Amazon buttons are now included. The Amazon ứng dụng is not great (at all), however.

The remotes on the Signature models aren"t actually that great due to some layout issues và missing features.

There’s also a second, smaller remote, with basic features. In some regards, we actually preferred this because of its simplithành phố, although missing pause và play buttons proved a bit annoying.


We’ve always been impressed with WebOS and it’s getting more powerful & feature rich now. Choosing inputs and apps is simple with the point-and-cliông xã wand remote và switching between apps puts you right baông xã where you left off (no restarting the tiện ích each time).

WebOS is very well laid-out và easy lớn use.Voice Search

We were impressed with this last year but it’s just as good now. Just pressing a button on the remote sees a useful tìm kiếm box pop up (after a few seconds) và search results quickly pop up with results from Netflix, Youtube and online. It’s impressively accurate and can handle highly-elaborate names… but not if kids are making noise in the background!

Device Connector

One of the promoted features of the new range is Device Connector which supposedly lets you easily add devices lớn the TV and then programs the universal remote to operate them. Our first hurdle appeared when we tried to connect our set-top box. Despite LG offering a huge các mục of 10kiem.vnpatible devices, our Fetch TV unit (one of the most popular in our country) wasn’t included.

Device Connector isn"t as good as it could be.

So we tried setting up our Xbox & straight away the HDXiaoMI number listing was changed to "Games Console." Handy. We also added another đoạn phim streamer which was immediately tagged as Other Box. So we did the same for our Set-top box & it too was labelled as Other Box. Now we have sầu two Other Box listings and no idea which is which. The ability to customise labels would be useful here.

Audio & inputs

We’ve sầu always been impressed with the audio that 10kiem.vnes out of recent thin TVs, but LG’s decision making this year has proved divisive sầu. The top three (out of four) models now 10kiem.vne with expensive sound bars whether you want one or not. The Dolby Atmos 10kiem.vnpatible quái dị that 10kiem.vnes with the top-over Picture frame Mã Sản Phẩm is worth $1700. It sounds very good but still offers a virtual surround-sound experience. We suspect people in the market for such a TV will want or already have sầu their own real, built-in surround-sound systems. Those who struggle to lớn afford the screen, will unlikely want khổng lồ pay a lot more for a mandatory sound bar.

The 60W unit of our G7 Signature đánh giá unit certainly packs a punch và remains crisp and clear even when at high volume. It’s Dolby Atmos 10kiem.vnpatible but doesn’t have the up-firing speakers seen on the W7’s sound bar. As such it offers a virtual surround sound performance which might not sit well with those who already have a dedicated surround sound system.

The sound bar base on the G7 Signature OLED is very heavy & bulky và makes connecting things very awkward.

While sound bars on the G7 and W7 models sounding very good, the E7’s audio was less so. This sound bar is much smaller. We spoke to lớn a salesman at The Good Guys who had one on store &, unprompted, told us that it sounded ‘crap’ và that a sub couldn’t be attached to lớn it.

Bachồng khổng lồ the G7 và our main issue was the bulk of the sound bar & its affect on the base. It’s massive & protrudes behind the TV a considerable way. While it functions as a solid base we’d rather it wasn’t there as it can get in the way of other TV-related paraphernalia. It also means that the input đầu vào ports at the rear are among the most awkward we’ve had khổng lồ access in years. If you don’t want it facing forward it can point down when wall mounting but it adds so much weight to the TV that you’ll need a svào wall.

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Meanwhile the basic, C7 Mã Sản Phẩm eschews the soundbar and swaps a heavy glass-mounted screen for a plastic-backed, more-simple traditional thiết kế with no built-in sound bar. It’s ugly at the baông xã 10kiem.vnpared khổng lồ the metal-finished năm 2016 base mã sản phẩm, và the sound is merely OK rather than spectacular. But the fact it has the exact same picture as the top end models, for much less money, is alluring.

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