Both versions of Prince Vegeta"s son have many differences from their father. For both Present Trunks and Future Trunks, their powers reflect that.

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The Dragon Ball franchise has gone on long enough that several key characters have grown up and had children. One such character is Vegeta. It's safe to lớn say that fans never expected this from the sadistic Saiyan prince, especially after his ruthless invasion of Earth and disgust for the heroes. Lo and behold, however, he eventually settled down with Bulma and had a child, Trunks.

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As weird as it sounds, Vegeta's son comes in two varieties. One comes from an apocalyptic future ruled by androids, & the other grows up in the peaceful present. (Yes, Dragon Ball throws in time travel at points.) Neither version of the son is as mighty as his father, but each one possesses certain traits and skills that Vegeta doesn't have. Knowing him, that's much to lớn his chagrin.

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This is a problem with Saiyans. They love battle và thus lượt thích to draw it out as long as possible. In Vegeta's case, he taunts his opponent & flaunts his superior strength. This often gives villains a chance khổng lồ transform or pull some dirty trick out of their hats.

Having grown up in an oppressive future under the thumb of such villains, the Trunks of the android Saga takes no chances. He makes that clear the minute he dispatches Frieza. Upon returning khổng lồ his time with his newfound power, he immediately engages the cybernetic sadists and reduces them to scrap in minutes. The same goes for Cell. Trunks knows this insectoid android will flee the first chance he gets khổng lồ consume more victims, so he swiftly vaporizes the parasitic freak. One has to lớn admire a nhân vật this responsible.


Another area where Future Trunks cuts the nonsense is romance. He eventually gets involved with Mai, who has moved on from serving Emperor Pilaf & now fights alongside the resistance. She acts as Trunks's rock, offering emotional tư vấn and aiding him in any way she can. In return, he loves her immensely. What's more, he's not afraid lớn show it.

Contrast that with Vegeta. His marriage khổng lồ Bulma isn't exactly a smooth union. They both have extremely dominating personalities, so they fight all the time. Granted, this is part of the attraction, since they challenge each other. They're also capable of being intimate when it counts. Still, it's understandable why everyone is initially shocked at their pairing.


The Trunks of the present day may have had a different upbringing than his post-apocalyptic counterpart, but he has the same noncompetitive attitude. In fact, he's best friends with Goku's youngest son và fellow Saiyan, Goten. Sure, they go at it on certain occasions such as martial arts tournaments, but they spend far more time just having fun. They love nothing more than getting in trouble together.

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Goku and Vegeta's friendship isn't as openly wholesome. Though they're also in each other's company a lot, they mostly spend it trying lớn outdo each other. That's not khổng lồ say they don't have fun; they just convey it through friendly jabs. Someone always has khổng lồ get the last word. At times, they act more lượt thích children than their sons.


The Dragon Ball franchise has demonstrated many ways lớn combine bodies and make one ultimate warrior, but this particular ritual is rather ridiculous. It involves a bunch of flamboyant moves straight out of Power Rangers (or the Ginyu Force), which must be performed with absolute precision & synchronicity. That said, maybe you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

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Goten & Trunks are two of the silliest, most juvenile characters in the roster. Such a stupid dance might come more naturally. Of course, it also helps that they get in a ton of practice. Now, the kids have it down pat và can fuse into Gotenks anytime. They often break out this technique at the start of a fight.

Goku và Vegeta have never been able to emulate that ease of access. Whether in or out of canon, they've always used fusion as a last resort. Even then, it takes them several tries khổng lồ get it right. True Saiyans fight alone, after all.

This goes for both versions. When Future Trunks transforms into a Super Saiyan, he's only a teenager. This surprises everyone, especially since they thought Goku was the only one. Moreover, it really gets under Vegeta's skin. At least it softens a similar blow years later.

The Saiyan prince is training with Present Trunks, who's only eight years old. To compensate for the intense gravity, the kid goes Super Saiyan. Both of these instances leave Vegeta speechless. He himself didn't achieve this legendary transformation until he was well into adulthood.

Despite its worldwide success, Capsule Corp is a family business. Bulma naturally takes over from her parents & carries the company to lớn new heights of innovation và renown. Vegeta never wants any part of it even after marrying into the family. He mostly secludes himself in a gravity room và trains. Thus, his son is next in line.

Fans see this in Dragon Ball GT. Here, Trunks is the president of Capsule Corp. He may not lượt thích the job — he skips out every chance he gets — but viewers never get any indication of the company's downturn or failure. On the contrary, it seems lớn be doing pretty well. This shows a managerial prowess on Trunks's part that Vegeta never bothered with.

This is exclusive to the Dragon Ball Super manga. After vanquishing Cell and the androids, Future Trunks has to contend with Majin Buu. He prepares for this battle by training under the Supreme Kai, who was impressed by the warrior's altruism. Unbeknownst khổng lồ Trunks, this gives him the aility lớn heal people's wounds. He unconsciously keeps Mai alive several times using this gift, và later harnesses it during the final battle with Zamasu.

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Suffice it to lớn say, Vegeta rarely demonstrates this kind of nobility, least of all to lớn the Supreme Kai. He doesn't even lượt thích the self-righteous little twerp. The Saiyan prince can heal people later, but this is due to lớn the Spirit Fission technique he learns on Yardrat. This involves sapping energy from one target & distributing it lớn another. Trunks's method drains only himself, complementing his selfless nature.