Trove : neon ninja by ainogommon on deviantart

Please make more of this đoạn Clip. I am very bad at explaining this class to lớn new player.Other than fixing the early game lack of critical Hit issue, this class is fairly playable at mid game. Nice presentation.

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Hey op, nice guide. Just wanmãng cầu ask regarding the crystal gear stats, I understvà the first two stats are unchangeable và we should alặng for ms for third stat.

What should I vì chưng if 4th & 5th stats aren't the ideal ones?

Let's say I crafted a crystal 1 weapon at geode using the sun craft, & I think it comes with 4 stats, should I pearl of wisdom it then reroll the 3rd, 4th, và 5th stats using the tentacle?

Or should I reroll the 3rd và 4th stat before using Pearl of wisdom?

Also is there any way lớn reroll just one of the stat lượt thích 3rd or 5th stat?

Thank you

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Op · 15d
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Personally, I recommend using a pearl khổng lồ get your 5th stat before rerolling. It won't make too much of a difference, but it is in your best interest that you know all 3 of your stats before you start rerolling.

As for rerolling just one of the stats; unfortunately there isn't any way lớn vì chưng that, so you're stuông chồng rerolling all of them at once.

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In all honesty though, I wouldn't worry too much about crystal 1 gear. I had pretty mediocre crystal 1 gear that I used khổng lồ farm for crystal 2 gear, then I aimed for perfect stats on my crystal 2 gear.

Hopefully what I said makes sense, but feel không tính phí to lớn let me know if anything is unclear.

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Op · 3m
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Been working on this Clip for a while, hope it helps anyone looking to start playing Neon Nin-Ja.

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