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The original Half-Life is an icon in the FPS genre, but it"s showing its age after all these years, which is why one modder is improving the game.

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A modder is taking the original Half-Life and overhauling the general look of the classic FPS with upscaled textures & tweaks lớn the levels. Since Valve is unlikely to lớn ever release Half-Life 3, which has gone down as one of the most anticipated games of all time và gained almost mythical status, fans continue to trả lời the two entries in the series. And there's nothing wrong with that. Both games are equally influential, & even the maiden release is still playable to this day.

However, the franchise may not be fully dead in the water just yet. Along with 2020's Alyx, which admittedly is exclusively a VR game, there have also been rumors about a Half-Life RTS spin-off called Citadel possibly being in development. Data mining has revealed a few details about this elusive title, and while there's been no official confirmation from the studio, many fans will be excited khổng lồ see something emerge that may or may not tell a new story from Gordon Freeman's viewpoint. In the meantime, however, there are plenty of mods for the original game.

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This upcoming thủ thuật is being created by a user called Hezus & was spotted by DSO Gaming. This mod, simply called "Enriched," will be taking the first Half-Life entry & enhancing it khổng lồ make it look and feel more up-to-date. While it's not aiming to make the 1998 release look lượt thích a modern game, the modder is updating the visuals using AI upscaling to make the textures more detailed. They're also reworking the maps and improving the general lighting, all while staying within the "limits of the engine." There is an alpha build currently available on ModDB, but at the time of writing, there's no release date for the full mod.


This is also not the first fan project that's coming about. Another modder is making an isometric Half-Life game, which will tell a new story featuring the mute scientist from a new perspective. This one is particularly interesting as the creator has received permission from Valve lớn publish their trò chơi on Steam.

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It's perhaps not too surprising that fans are more than happy to return lớn this classic release. It's good khổng lồ see there's an active modding community still tweaking Valve's nearly quarter-of-a-century-old title, which makes Half-Life an FPS game with a lot of replay value. While the world may never see an official continuation of Gordon Freeman's story, the first two mainline entries will at least always be celebrated by fans.