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The best MMORPG games và massive sầu multiplayer games you can play in 2020 without spending a single dime, penny, or cent


What is the best không tính phí MMO? Making such a decision is no mean feat. Free-to-play games are increasingly comtháng, meaning the F2Phường MMO crowd now have sầu a lot more options than they used to. Even if your wallet is gathering cobwebs and your ngân hàng trương mục is best friends with the number zero, there is a chất lượng game on the PC to enjoy.

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What’s more, from online war zones to behemoth không lấy phí MMORPGs, there is something for everyone lớn enjoy. Free games are no longer just the tên miền of MOBAs and Runescape; there are shooters to lớn rival the likes of Overwatch, space games as shiny as Elite, và Warcraft-grade MMOs that don’t dem& a subscription.

Aside from completely không tính phí khổng lồ play games, we have sầu also included some MMOs with lengthy free trials – games where there is plenty to lớn enjoy without spending a penny. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best online games you can play without breaking the ngân hàng.

The best miễn phí MMOs are:


Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends offers a more strategic, management-focused take on the genre, as its gameplay largely revolves around collecting heroes và optimising your squad. The turn-based combat encourages clever và calculated play, which will thử nghiệm the skills of both newcomers và more experienced players.

Raid also allows for online battles too. You can team up with other players và take on challenging missions or fight against a rival player’s AI-controlled squad. Both of which lead to high-unique rewards that can be used lớn further develop và improve your team.

Play Raid: Shadow Legends for free



World of Warships switches out the twitch shooter elements of World of Tanks for a slowed-down and much more tactical style of play. Warships are leviathans: they crawl and creep across the map, & each one possesses enough power in a single barrage to lớn wipe out anything else.

The change of pace makes for action that is more calculated and nerve-wracking. It can take a long time for shots lớn meet their targets, which means that every moment is spent trying to lớn avoid incoming fire or anticipating where your foe will have sầu moved khổng lồ. World of Warships is also more cinematic than its on-tracks sibling thanks lớn the sheer scale its warfare is conducted on. Oh, & it has got some lovely sunsets too, if that is what you want from a free-to-play war game.

With regular updates adding everything from Halloween cosmetics to lớn Pan-Asian Destroyers to World of Warships, it’s not an MMO that will get stale any time soon.

Play World of Warships for free



Storm the beaches of Normandy and battle across Europe in this free-to-play WWII shooter. Enlisted offers players the chance to lớn fight and strategise as they take on a number of key campaigns from the conflict, where each new location offers unique weapons, vehicles, & aircraft lớn aid you in your battle.

You’ll build và improve your AI squad to incorporate a variety of specialists, from flame troopers lớn tankers, & with the ability lớn switch between each soldier under your command, every avenue of combat from tank lớn aerial tư vấn is open to lớn explore.

This MMO is designed to lớn please even the pickiest history buff with its impressive sầu màn chơi of detail, particularly the fact that you’re limited to lớn the equipment that was historically available for each specific campaign in order to get the job done.

Play Enlisted for free



With a storyline that reacts to lớn the player’s actions, Guild Wars 2’s narrative is chất lượng by MMORPG standards. Instead of traditional quests, players encounter dynamic events that pop up around the game world. Likewise, there are multiple paths lớn completion for each of these encounters, and intentional or not, your actions in Guild Wars 2 will have sầu consequences.

For example, defending a town from a group of rampaging ogres might cause them to lớn return with deadlier weapons or seek out refuge in a nearby cave sầu – you will have sầu lớn deal with the fallout of these events, whether that means repelling a stronger attack or hunting down & killing the remaining ogres. The result is a không tính tiền MMO with the questing diversity of one of thebest RPGsof all time: what’s not to lớn love?

Play Guild Wars 2 for free


Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact offers a lot of everything. An open-world RPGwith some of the least intrusive sầu free-to-play mechanics going. After you’ve chomped through the main story, you’re ready khổng lồ get into lớn the real game, which is exploring the vast, pristine world of Teyvat. Wherever you go there’s more to lớn vì, rewards khổng lồ earn, and puzzles to solve sầu.

While there’s no multiplayer PvPhường in Genshin Impact, you can play through the enormous open world with up to three friends in co-op, whether you just want khổng lồ relax and unwind by a lake, or slay your way through a few dungeons. There’s cross-play, too, so it doesn’t matter if your friends aren’t playing on PC.

Play Genshin Impact for free



There are over 400 tanks in World of Tanks, & if you revisit this page in the next hour that number will likely have sầu grown. Essentially, if you are a người of military hardware, you are a người of World of Tanks. Unlượt thích War Thunder however, World of Tanks does not ask you to lớn pour hours of retìm kiếm inlớn learning the armour ratings & layout of every vehicle in the game; instead, World of Tanks takes a more arcade approach.

That is not to say there is a lachồng of sophistication, but rather that the core of the game has always been its fast-paced, arcade action. Like hotline of Duty, World of Tanks is easy to learn, but impossible to master. Clashes are won by fine margins và lightning-quiông chồng reflexes, while a compelling XPhường system and tech tree keep players coming back for more. Perhaps it’s not very realistic, but its tốc độ và intensity make it one of the best tank games khổng lồ play.

Play World of Tanks for free



Planes, tanks, & ships battling it out for ever và ever và ever. That is the ultimate goal of War Thunder. It is a F2P title that specialises in vehicular warfare, with three similar but largely separate games under its title: Ground Forces, Aviation, & Naval Battles.

War Thunder’s frankly ridiculous number of vehicles all manage lớn stay chất lượng thanks to lớn the game’s realistic damage Mã Sản Phẩm, which simulates almost every single aspect of ballistics, from shell type và speed khổng lồ the thickness và angle of the armour it is hitting. Every single shot is calculated, meaning that real-life tactics like staying hull down or angling your armour to lớn deflect shells are essential skills to lớn master in War Thunder. That realism means it can be a little tricky to lớn get started, so be sure to lớn read our pilot’s manual, AKA the War Thunder beginner’s guide.

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Play War Thunder for free



Free MMOs are rarely as pretty on the eye as buy-to-play, triple-A titles.Skyforgeis the exception. Wander through the sci fi fantasy-themed planet of Aelion – admiring the beams of sunlight that poke through the foliage or the crisp fidelity of the lightning that is shooting from your character’s hands – và it is easy khổng lồ forget you are playing a game that cost you exactly nothing.

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But Skyforge is more than just a pretty face in an otherwise ungainly genre. Few games bởi as much to lớn actively encourage experimentation across different classes as Skyforge does, allowing the player to switch between classes in an instant, opening up all of the game’s combat styles for experimentation and mastery.

Play Skyforge for free



Star Conflict dumps players in the role of an elite space pilot on a quest khổng lồ traông xã down and fight for alien treasures scattered throughout its expansive sầu sandbox. Essentially, the game’s progression is all about acquiring a bigger và bigger collection of ships, from agile fighters to lớn floating behemoths, before finally handing you control of your own fleet.

PvE quests và rsida see you & your friends facing off against squadrons of aliens or space pirates, while PvP is a looming threat wherever you venture. An impressive sầu tech tree và catalogue of ships means there’s always reason to keep playing, as you’re never far off a new weapon type or ship module. Thanks khổng lồ Star Conflict Oculus Rift support, this is also one of only free MMOs you can play in VR.

Play Star Conflict for free



Rifts, as you might expect, are what makes Rift one of the most lively and exciting không tính phí MMOs on PC. These titular portals open up unpredictably across the world, spawning in hordes of enemies or gigantic bosses and forcing every player in the area lớn b& together in order to lớn repel the demonic attacks.

Of course Rift is not just a multiplayer adaptation of whack-a-mole. It boasts one of the most flexible class systems in the genre, allowing players to lớn create a variety of builds. From the very specific to the Jack-of-all-trades: every style of play is catered for.

Play Rift for free



Blankos Block Party is essentially a giant buổi tiệc ngọt thrown by a colourful cast of collectible vinyl figurines. There’s a central hub, known as the ‘Junction’, where players can go on quests and unlock items for their Blankos – or you can venture into lớn a user-generated các buổi tiệc nhỏ game with your pals.

The tools on offer allow you khổng lồ create all manner of games, and because it’s free-to-play, you can invite everyone you know lớn thử nghiệm out your ideas. New nội dung will arrive regularly with each new season, locking out older nội dung – meaning all the Blankos & items you can get are essentially limited editions, and the player-owned economy will allow you to trade your valuable acquisitions.

Play Blankos Bloông chồng Party for free



As varied as it is satisfying, Crossout is a post-apocalyptic MMO action game from Targem Games that gives you the chance to lớn scavenge và craft the materials to lớn build more fearsome vehicles of battle beyond the imagination of any ten-year-old. What more could you possibly want from youronlinemultiplayer games.

In what is essentially a free-to-play Mad Max: The Game, you customise a unique and wide range of vehicles with dozens of bespoke parts và use them to destroy your enemies in high-octane, action-packed skirmishes. You can play in both PvE và PvP modes, even fighting against player-created bosses.

You also have sầu plenty of weapons at your disposal: rocket launchers and machine guns favour the most offensive sầu và in-your-face players, whilst stealth generators and drones give sầu you a greater choice in your approach. All your explosive sầu efforts go toward your choice of five factions, too, earning you new blueprints, missions, parts &, storage space. Shooting và building things has never been so lucrative sầu. It can be a little tricky at first, so make sure you read our Crossout beginner’s guide.

Play Crossout for free



Character creation tools in MMOs let you shape everything from your avatar’s jawline & eyelash length to lớn the exact mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa of their chest hair, but even they have got nothing on the options available inStar Trek Online. Tired of playing as a human? Great, here you can be a Gorn, Rigellian, Romulan, Klingon, or any other of the 30 race variations available.

Questing and progressing in Star Trek Online plays out like episodes from the TV series: one moment you are wandering through space, the next you are having to lớn do đơn hàng with, or shoot lasers at, one of the many franchise belligerents. Be it in spaceship battles or on the ground where gameplay takes the khung of a third-person shooter, Star Trek Online does a brilliant job of bringing the storylines and tone of the TV shows inlớn an F2Phường MMO. It even gets updated regularly like a TV show, withexpansions lượt thích Victory is Lifeadding the crew from Deep Space Nine khổng lồ the game.

Play Star Trek Online for free



The name và setting ofNeverwinterhas a long & storied history online, beginning in 1991 with the first graphical MMORPG, before revolutionising the realm of player-made modules under the stewardship of BioWare with Neverwinter Nights. The rather more modern Neverwinter pulls from both – setting groups of D&D characters loose in the famous city, while allowing players to write their own stories, with additions likeRavenloft charactersbeing added lớn the game. There are some inventive community adventures on offer if you’re willing khổng lồ dig.

Not that you will have lớn reach for those if you vày not want khổng lồ – expansions have sầu taken Neverwinter players to lớn some of the most beloved corners of the Forgotten Realms, including the Underdark and Icewind Dale. Plus, there’s also theBaldur’s Gate 3 release dateto lớn look forward lớn for more from this glorious world.

Play Neverwinter for free

Play for free


Making an MMO out of the beloved Final Fantasy series was never going to lớn be easy. As if to lớn prove that point, Square Enix made a royal mess of Final Fantasy XIV the first time around và had to take another swing at it, eventually turning one of their worst games into lớn one of the best MMOs on PC.

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Unlượt thích other MMOs, Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t force players down the route of having to grind endlessly with multiple characters in order lớn see which combat class they want khổng lồ play as. Instead you just need to lớn make it khổng lồ cấp độ ten và the ability to lớn switch between the game’s eight combat classes is magically unlocked. It is also one of very few cross-play MMOs, which means you can inhabit the same world as PlayStation users. You lucky thing.

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