Too Hot Too Handle Tập 2

On the shores of paradise, gorgeous singles meet và mingle. But there’s a twist. Lớn win an enticing grand prize, they’ll have to lớn give up sex.

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This season's singles officially meet & make plans for a steamy retreat. Meanwhile, a high-tech hostess gets ready khổng lồ drop a serious bombshell.

After Lana establishes the rules, the singles curb their heavy petting ... With a few exceptions. But what damage will the rebellious duos do?

Francesca and Haley refine their radical gameplay, Rhonda and Sharron have a midnight chat, và the singles get wrapped up in an intimacy workshop.

Bryce settles in, much khổng lồ the delight of Chloe. The group practices nonverbal communication, and connections evolve. Lana introduces a new accessory.

Rhonda and Sharron recap their night of romance — & tally up their spending. Francesca revisits her feelings. The men learn about vulnerability.

Harry responds khổng lồ Francesca’s sincere request, Lana makes a shocking decision, and the singles say hello to new friends — and potential flings.

After another pricey peck, the group dynamic continues to shift. Rhonda shares more with Sharron. The women let loose and learn about empowerment.

A season of slip-ups comes khổng lồ a close as Lana reveals some final twists, the couples address their post-retreat plans, and the prize money is awarded.

Host Desiree Burch connects with this season's singles for a virtual reunion featuring fresh updates, frisky banter và a series of spicy games.

Passions compete with deeper connections as a new group of sexy singles strive for a $100,000 grand prize at a gorgeous island retreat.

The smokin' hot singles start mingling, thinking they're on a made-up reality show. How will they react to lớn the grand reveal? Let the countdown begin.

The contenders navigate new rules, but continue to lớn play with expensive fire. Later, Lana drops a bombshell, & sparks fly during a spicy workshop.

As Chase and Marvin come to terms with Peter’s game, Emily và Cam grapple with guilt. Nathan stages a private dance. Melinda reflects on her feelings.

A new day dawns, and Lana reveals Emily and Cam's overnight results. Two new players unknowingly join the trò chơi — and stir up some serious jealousy.

Lana lays down the law with a major shake-up. The ladies unpack emotional baggage, và Larissa dives deeper and scores an intimate reward.

A steamy hookup makes a serious dent in the prize fund. Lana issues a 24-hour challenge. Three new hotties join the game and get straight to lớn flirting.

Two players defend their connection. A contestant struggles with heartache. Lana plans a double-date night, và the men attend their own workshop.

As one couple goes green, another pays for a kiss. Lana bids farewell lớn more rule breakers. Hard truths surface during a communication workshop.

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A tempting shower tests a player's strength. The truth comes to light about an overnight, và the couples decide if they'll make it or break it.

The singles struggle with the suspense as the clock winds all the way down — then Lana drops a few more twists. Who will win, in more ways than one?

Lana entices a new bunch of thirsty flirts with a kém chất lượng show, "Pleasure Island." Who will avoid temptation and score the biggest prize ever?

On "Pleasure Island," the singles strut their stuff, compete for catches and share the dirty details of their love lives, till Lana crashes the party.

After two singles mix the record for the fastest rule break ever, a new game begins. Plus, the group gets hot & heavy in a breath control workshop.

Tensions mount in paradise as rule breakers face the music. A playboy shows his true colors. Lana invites two new sex-hungry singles to lớn the retreat.

After a budding couple gets crafty with a "loophole," the group gets messy with an intimate painting workshop. Plus, feathery festivities take flight.

The romantic kiểm tra results are revealed — for better or worse. Lana bids farewell to lớn two struggling singles and encourages everyone to lớn dig deeper.

A new day dawns for the first green-light couple, the guys khuyến mãi with sexual tension, and Lana welcomes more guests — including one major pot stirrer.

As competition bubbles up between the ladies, Lana stages a sisterhood workshop, complete with yoni love. Meanwhile, one suitor grapples with stress.

A "glitch" leaves the group divided. Who will continue making progress, and who will make history with the show's most shocking rule break?

Shocking exits — và a sneaky plot twist — redefine what comes next. Meanwhile, one coupling moves forward, & another starts crumbling.

After a night of temptation, the singles reconvene for a final report, a final workshop leads khổng lồ reflection, and this season's cash prize is rewarded.

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When a self-appointed expert on love tries khổng lồ teach a timid prince the art of seduction, the plan backfires, leading khổng lồ scandal — and unexpected romance.