Our prices vary from Clip to đoạn Clip depending on what your requirements are.Here is a price danh sách based on estimated costs:Type of VideoExamplePricing
Asset-Based Videos *PPSL Product Promotion$580
Teasers và TrailersEZ-Link Thematic Trailers$380
Product WalkthroughEZ-PayPrices start from $3,800
* Refers lớn the editing of assets provided by the client and weaving them together to khung an awesome Clip that meets business goals.You will have sầu a team of expert writers, designers and animators working lớn create a video clip that doesn’t just look and sound fantastic but also helps you meet your business goals. For a more detailed breakdown of the resources required lớn make a video clip, please click here.Having said that, we underst& that rigidity kills creativity. If none of these pricing plans seem lớn be a good fit, we are definitely open to working something out. Drop us a message & we’ll get baông xã lớn you within one working day.

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Some businesses require multiple videos lớn meet their needs, others not so much – either way we’ve got you covered! Drop us a message to tell us what you have in mind!


We’ll discuss và mix a timeframe with you at the outmix so that everyone is clear on what to lớn expect!

Video production usually takes 3 days to 1.5 weeks from the time we receive the 10kiem.vnpleted brief. We’ve sầu had clients who were timely with their feedbaông chồng & thus were able lớn receive sầu the final sản phẩm earlier than slated.

Please click here for a more detailed breakdown of the procurement process.

You can request for changes khổng lồ be made to lớn the first iteration of the video clip. Below is a table detailing the estimated time taken for edits.

Changes to copy1 day
Changes khổng lồ background music2 - 3 days
Changes lớn drawings/illustrations3 - 5 days
Changes to lớn colours2 - 3 days
Changes khổng lồ background music2 - 3 days
Addition of elements3 - 5 days

Of course! However, it is also our job to understvà your needs và open your eyes lớn other possibilities. It goes without saying that you’ll make the final decision; we’re here lớn help you make the best possible one.

We can’t wait lớn get started but first, we need your help in filling up this size.

It is important that we get khổng lồ know you so that we can create a video clip that meets your needs; your answers will help us understand your business better so please be as detailed as possible. If you’ve sầu got examples of previous work, send it lớn us!

If you’re unsure how to lớn fill up the khung, the sample below will guide you.

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1. Submission of Form by Client

Please fill up this size so that we have sầu a better idea of what you need. We"ll get in touch with you after reading the brief.

2. Signing of Agreement

After you’ve submitted the form, we will submit a final quotation for your agreement. The quotation will contain the following:
All deliverables
We believe honesty is the best policy so please be assured that everything will be clearly spelt out in the quotation for your acknowledgement. We will only begin working on the project after the signing of the quotation. Good work relationships begin with all parties being on the same page!You will be required to lớn pay một nửa of the agreed-upon price after you’ve signed the agreement. The remaining một nửa can be paid after you’ve received the final đoạn phim.

3. Storyboarding

After you’ve sầu signed the agreement, we will get to lớn work on the storyboard.A storyboard is part of the pre-production stage. It will give you an idea of what the entire video clip will look like so that you know what lớn expect. It will take a bit of time to create it as it requires us to have sầu an in-depth understanding of your business và goals for the đoạn phim. We will provide you with the storyboard for your perusal & agreement. You can request for changes lớn be made at this stage.

4. Production

After you’ve approved the storyboard, we will proceed with the production of the actual Clip. Once you’ve sầu approved the storyboard, any requests for edits may incur extra charges as it will require extra man-hours & delay the delivery date.

5. Reception of Final Video và Files

We will skết thúc you the following files after the 10kiem.vnpletion of the video:
Background music1và voiceover audio files2
Final video file inMP4 etc. format
Working files in.AEPhường or .PRPROJ
You get lớn upload or use the video clip in any way you see fit – it’s yours now!Upon the reception of the final Clip, you will be notified lớn pay the remaining một nửa of the agreed-upon price.

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1 Don’t have sầu access khổng lồ licensed music? Don’t sweat it! We typically use music under Creative sầu 10kiem.vnmons licenses as background music. Music under this licensing is available khổng lồ everyone và can be used for miễn phí. This is our way of keeping costs low for our clients. However, if you vì chưng have a particular piece of music (with the proper permissions) you would lượt thích use in your Clip, just let us know!2 For fast-cut motion graphics meant for Facebook and Instagram, a voice-over is typically not necessary because users tover to lớn watch videos without sound. We re10kiem.vnmend capturing the attention of your target audience through arresting visuals would be a more effective approach.