Tin Can: Escape Pod Simulator On Steam

Candy Lvà - $30.00 Twister - $30.00 Chutes and Ladders - $30.00 Scrabble - $30.00 Monopoly - $30.00 Mystery Date Game - $30.00 Sorry! - $30.00 "Clue" - $30.00
Relieve sầu your favorite childhood memories with this collection of nostalgia board games packaged inside a beautiful tin box with vintage graphics.

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Piông chồng your favorite or collect them all! 


Candy Land

This throwbaông xã edition of the classic board game, Candy L&, is a “sweet” reminder of why you first fell in love sầu with board games. Venture past the Crooked Old Peanut Brittle House, và Lollypop Woods until you eventually reach Home Sweet Home… A fun way for kids lớn learn colors without reading or counting. This collectible tin features the charming graphics of the 1962 edition as well as the iconic gingerbread men game pieces.


Shake off your shoes, spread out your polka-dot Twister mat and smell the vinyl. Then grab a partner và get twisted – all over again! This 1966 Nostalgia Edition is captured in a chất lượng collectible tin, which houses a vintage Twister Mat, and Spinner. In 1966, Johnny Carson và Eva Gabor played the game on The Tonight Show & the sight of the two celebrities entwined and entangled, sent the audience inkhổng lồ hysterics. Three million copies blew off the shelves that year as the Twister game took the nation by storm. Over 50 years later, it"s still fun khổng lồ play.

Chutes và Ladders

This nostalgic edition of Chutes và Ladders is a terrific way for young children khổng lồ learn about life’s ups và downs. They climb the ladder of success for all of their good deeds, then slide down the chute for any naughty deeds. This collectible tin edition features throwbaông xã graphics from the 1956 edition. A fun way lớn teach counting and good sportsmanship.

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Scrabble has been America’s favorite word game for more than half a century. This 1948 nostalgia edition celebrates those years in retro style. Scrabble spells F-U-N in any decade, so travel into the past with vintage graphics và stretch your vocabulary for a triple word score.


The game of Monopoly was first published by Parker Brothers in 1935. Since that time, millions of people across the globe have experienced the joy of passing “GO” and collecting $200 in their attempt to lớn “Own it All”. This throwbaông xã edition comes in a collectible tin, which houses vintage components và a built-in banker’s tray.

Mystery Date

Here is a game full of surprises, where the players are preparing khổng lồ go on a "Mystery Date" in 1965. It may be a formal dance, a skiing trip, bowling, or a beach buổi tiệc nhỏ. They must be ”ready” when their date arrives at the door. The thrill of it is that when a player opens the door, she never knows which date will appear. She may be ready for skiing, only to find, upon opening the door, the date is dressed in a "tux" ready to lớn go to a Formal Dance. Worst of all, she may open the door khổng lồ find the "dud" and đại bại valuable time in getting rid of hlặng. The first girl khổng lồ open the door và find the proper "date" for which she is "ready", is the lucky winner. 


Sorry! has been America’s favorite slide pursuit game for generations. This 1958 nostalgia edition features bold vintage graphics, classic wooden pawns, và a collectible game tin. Bump, slide & (“SORRY!”) skết thúc your opponent bachồng khổng lồ the start as you make your way around the retro game board.

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Clue has been America’s favorite detective sầu game since the 60"s & was even turned into a Hollywood cult classic. In this nostalgia edition you get lớn play super sleuth in retro-mystery style. Who Done It? Where? và How? This collectible tin has the same classic gameplay you know and love, with throwbachồng graphics based on the 1963 edition.