Tim Cook Visits Palo Alto Apple Store Line To Launch Iphone 6 Sales

Tyên Cook says momentum for the Apple Watch has accelerated, but don’t expect khổng lồ hear sales figures any time soon.

“I don’t want to give anybody information I don’t have sầu lớn,” Apple’s chief executive sầu told a crowd of tech executives and truyền thông during a Q&A in Laguna Beach on Monday.

During the 40-minute sự kiện at WSJD Live, Cook discussed nearly every category of the company’s products -- including the Watch, Apple Music, iPhone 6S and Apple TV. Not surprisingly, he lauded each as groundbreaking & transformative, even the 6S, which has been called just an incremental improvement over the iPhone 6.

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“I don’t see it that way at all,” he told Journal Editor in Chief Gerard Baker. “The 6S has tremendous innovation.”

When asked whether the autos industry is ripe for disruption -- a not-so-subtle way of trying lớn get Cook to talk about potential Apple car plans -- Cook said “you’d have to ask other technology companies what they think.”

But he offered up some insight, saying software và autonomy are becoming increasingly important in cars.

“It seems there will be massive change in that industry,” he said.

Cook also devoted substantial time to sharing his views on privacy versus security.

“I don’t need khổng lồ know what time you go to bed at night; I don’t want to lớn read your emails; I don’t want lớn read your texts,” he said. “That’s one of our values as a company.”

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And he disputed the notion of building loopholes inkhổng lồ the company’s products that would allow authorities access to lớn customers’ data.

“You can’t have sầu a baông xã door inlớn the software, because you can’t just have sầu a baông xã door for the good guys.”

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