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REVIEW USING FREE GAME FROM VNGTHE GAME IS PLAYED ON ANDROIDMany people may say that Thien Long Bat Bo 3 chiều Mobile is a risky step of developer Chang You. The reason may be that the svào point of ChangYou is making MMORPG games on PC, meanwhile on thiết bị di động platform, they just had a few casual or card games. Besides, di động game market itself has had many developers of great renown attracting a huge number of fans. To claim its position in the middle of jungle of “flowers” is not as easy as many people may think.

Genre: RPGPrice: Free

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Nevertheless, in a short period of time, Thien Long Bat Bo 3D Mobile has quickly become a great sản phẩm điện thoại game production in Chinese market, bring ChangYou a huge profit. According khổng lồ ChangYou announcement, Thien Long Bat Bo 3D Mobile has attracted 1,3 million new players & 200 million dollar revenue in only first 24 hours.

With such achievements, it is not very surprising that Thien Long Bat Bo 3 chiều Mobile is one of the hotchạy thử production which Vietnamese publishers surely want khổng lồ buy first. Been through hours of stressful negotiation, finally this martial arts game has fallen inlớn VNG’s hand. Let us find out if Thien Long Bat Bo 3D Mobile is worth for what VNG has tried to lớn bring it to lớn Vietnam!


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