The amazing spider

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The Amazing Spider-Man Data 1.2.3e 9.0 and up (1.5 GB)

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The Amazing Spider-Man Data 1.2.2g <2.3 and up> (2.0 GB)

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The Amazing Spider-Man Description

The Amazing Spider-Man"s most anticipated superhero game! Play as Spider-Man and battle the lizard doctor & enemy gangs khổng lồ experience the most pure movie storyline. Use Spider Webbing or Climbing Techniques to lớn explore this vivid 3D thành phố new york City, using your extraordinary special skills khổng lồ save the thành phố from distress!

The Amazing Spider-Man game play #1:

In this action game, you will control the nhân vật to defeat the evil. More than 35 independent missions, không lấy phí play, various unique skills, let you experience the magic of Spider-Man. In the trò chơi you will be hanging in the 3D thủ đô new york City presented in the game, using the extraordinary ability of Spider-Man khổng lồ save humanity và explore the city"s secrets.

Just entering the trò chơi is a story similar to comic description of the origin of the Spider-Man. The game package is relatively large, enter the game takes longer, when loading need lớn wait patiently.

The trò chơi entered the rhythm quickly, one out is the scene of fighting, you need khổng lồ rescue a lady. There is no difficulty, has been tackling long-range spider silk can get.

Then send the rescued lady to Times Square. This is necessary lớn use the trò chơi with the longest gossamer skills. Click the button on the right side of the empty position is lớn jump launch spider silk, in the swing process can click forward launch spider silk, so you can move on. You can also adjust left and right directions by touching the four-way navigation on the left.

Small maps on the exclamation point is the main story of the task, the question mark is a random event, thành phố new york City is not permanent peace, which of course is a good opportunity lớn brush strange upgrade.

There are often plot tips on large maps. The đứng top of the screen will also randomly play the news, you can decide according to their own interests to lớn not go khổng lồ complete such a random task.

The fight in The Amazing Spider-Man is simple và gorgeous. You only need lớn control the direction and 3 battle buttons on it. Through the long-range gossamer shooting, melee, dodge three different combinations of attack modes, you can even quite gorgeous even strokes. Kill enemies and complete quests to lớn gain experience, get you upgraded and gain skill points.

A total of five series of skills can learn & upgrade. They are even strokes, melee, long-range and two-pass passive skills.

1. Passive skills can strengthen your defense, improve blood, enhance the tốc độ of experience & so on.

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2. Active skills will enhance your attack tactics and attack power.

3. When fighting, the usual steps are lớn pull yourself towards the enemy after the website shoots, knock down the enemy, & then quickly kill the enemy with a melee attack. Curved stripes appear quickly on the head by avoiding keys to escape, you can mở cửa the attack & even move.

4. Most of the fighting is the case of 1VS 3 individuals, so give priority to lớn attacking enemies armed.

5. The focus of the battle is automatically locked, locked after the opponent in the general death will not switch lớn another enemy, if encountered melee gang fights, you can use the arrow keys khổng lồ adjust the focus.

6. No matter how high the place will not fall khổng lồ death, no matter how khổng lồ crash the car will not be killed, no matter how the rushed to the railings will be automatically và carefree across.

7. Spider silk absolute sprint speed. Therefore, when chasing the car must remember the swing, vì chưng not think of the sprint to chase, have started lớn accelerate to sprint time swing out twice.

8. Khổng lồ protect the hostages of the level, vì chưng not easily use cobwebs shooting, easy to pull themselves from the hostages. Recommend the use of melee and often switch the focus of attack.

9. Achievements system allows you lớn quickly get money. Achievements can be accomplished smoothly while completing the task, it is recommended lớn frequently kiểm tra the achievements of the system. Often the blue and red spider icons are visible in the game"s scene, & close khổng lồ it for money.

10.BOSS wartime vày not mean medicine. Multi-use terrain & long-distance spider silk khổng lồ avoid.

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The Amazing Spider-Man most of the scenes and plot is based on the original movie of the same name designed, Spider-Man fans vày not miss it.