One could say that Leon's impatience led khổng lồ Yuuki escaping, but the real reason is the fact that we couldn't trust each other.

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But no good will come from acting rashly, và who could have sầu excepted Yuuki lớn slip inkhổng lồ the Empire.

I was tasked with handling Milyên, while Leon would handle information-gathering. But that entailed basically waiting for his spy to lớn report in.

With regards to the resurrected red knight, the blue knight was delighted and Leon thanked Ruminas. Thus we decided on our future actions.

Well, maybe he can just create a barrier around the battlefield—though whether a bearer of an ultimate skill would be affected is a different story—but I still believe that we should not act independently.

This comtháng goal is the only thing that binds our group together. Should that common goal disappear there's no way I'll be able to control the other two.

Her "guardian" (Frey) should have sầu come sooner. She seems to have come the moment Milyên regained her composure, but I don't want to think that Frey was just waiting for the right moment khổng lồ return.

What? No! We weren't just playing around. I mean, we only got inlớn our avatars—Ramiris, Milyên, Veldora, & I—và delved inkhổng lồ the labyrinth.

The rồng got used to lớn fighting after only a few battles, & quickly started using miasma breath against multiple opponents—miasma breath would drive our enemies mad.

The Long also had a skill etched into his soul—gravity manipulation—which he used khổng lồ create shield around us, thus becoming one of the most valuable members of our buổi tiệc nhỏ.

The barrier is rather strong, and now, even if the enemy is a mage, my magic barrier và Gaia's gravity barrier creates an impenetrable wall.

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As a result, though we had previously struggled against the trùm of the 30th floor, we have sầu now cleared hyên with ease.

Even though Milyên ổn was crying & wailing lượt thích a child not wanting to lớn leave sầu he arcade, Frey's iron smile & words of "persuasion" won in the kết thúc.

Figuring that Milyên ổn came over to play, Frey made sure that Millặng understvà that she'll be working without a break for a while.

It was too soon, he said, to have Millặng train him, so he planned khổng lồ return to lớn her side after becoming slightly stronger. The labyrinth has an magical energy cấp độ, and Gaia has Ramiris' bracelet, so he should be fine.

By the way, we didn't know of this at the time, but our five sầu member team came to lớn be known as the chất lượng bosses of the labyrinth. Inhabiting the floor above the first, a bosses of unbelievable strength, they say.

In other words, when we controlled our avatars, we were so svào that adventurers would just roll over and die.

Thanks to lớn Gerudo's efforts in building a road & setting up barriers along it, the preparations for our various joint ventures are going well.

We also have sầu a plan to build a railway heading towards the dwarfs, so as khổng lồ facilitate faster exchange of goods và materials.

But I worry—should the Empire invade, would these railroads not harm us in the end? That's why we prioritized building a road lớn Sarion first.

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By the way, the researchers have sầu arrived: the Dwarf Artisans, Sarion's Sorcerers, & Holy Empire's Engineers.

Towards the Dwarf Kingdom we mix up a railroad, & half-way along it we built a few inns-those later developed inlớn a town.