Sunday . 1 August . 2021

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Corruption scandals, fears of violent protests và evidence of a fledgling economic recovery running out of steam have all dampened the mood in the run-up khổng lồ the six-month event.Quý khách hàng đang xem: Tech insider expo 2015

But Italy is a past master at delivering at the 11th hour -- the finishing touches to lớn some of the stadiums for the 1990 World Cup came within minutes of kick-off.Bạn đang xem: Tech insider expo 2015

And a spectacular eve-of-opening concert, featuring tenor Andrea Bocelli, Chinese pianist Lang Lang & the choir and opera of the city"s renowned La Scala opera house performing in front of Milan"s magnificent Gothic cathedral, was a reminder of the country"s capađô thị lớn compensate with creativity for its shortcomings in the more humdrum aspects of sự kiện planning.

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Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has been bullishly predicting that it will all be alright on the night, facing down the opponents who say a state with Italy"s unsustainable debt should not be ploughing money inkhổng lồ an sự kiện that is, by definition,ephemeral in nature.

Those opponents are due khổng lồ stage a major march on Friday and fears of a spillover into violence were raised by incidents on the eve sầu of the opening, when a few dozen masked protestors attempted to lớn spray-paint và smash the windows of a branch of Manpower, an employment agency that is one of the official partners of the Expo.

- Milan seeking reinvention -


Claudio Divizia / Italy secured the rights to lớn host the Expo seven years ago, long before Renzi came to lớn power last year. But he has embraced it as an opportunity for Italy to show the world that it is reinventing itself under his leadership.

The event plays khổng lồ Italy"s strengths with its nutrition and gastronomy-based theme of "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life."

For Milan, the Expo is also about reinvention with the city seeking khổng lồ forge a new image as a 21st Century "smart" đô thị that is defined as much by its flair for gastronomy, design and sustainable living as by its industrial past.

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There will be tightairport-style security around the site & a huge police presence on Friday in anticipation of the "No Expo" movement"s march.

Earlier this week, police carried out pre-emptive sầu raids on radical groups suspected of planning lớn ensure the demonstration turns into a showdown with the security forces.

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The Expo"s critics have focused on the conditions of some of the 6,000 employees who have been engaged on a work experience basis, as well as the involvement of corporations such as McDonalds & Coca Cola, saying that has stripped the event of any environmental credibility.

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