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Kissing probably predatesHomo sapiensas a species, but the first texts documenting thebesogo back lớn the early Bronze Age

Stephanie Pappas

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The Closest Living Relative of the First Animal Has Finally Been Found

A debate has been settled over the earliest animal ancestor—a free-swimming creature with a well-developed nervous system

Viviane Callier


China’s Mysterious Spaceplane Returns to Earth

Specialists speculate that it might be similar to a U.S. Spaceplane, và it could have research or military uses

Yvaine Ye and Nature magazine


What Is Causing So Much Pink Eye?

The newest SARS-CoV-2 strain may cause red, watery eyes. But the symptom can have other causes, too

Emily Sohn

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Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruptions Were Even More Explosive Than We Knew

The last caldera-forming eruption at Yellowstone“was much more complex than previously thought,”according khổng lồ the annual report about activity at the supervolcano

Hannah Osborne and LiveScience


An Inclusive Research Environment Starts at the Top

For academic research lớn be truly equitable, leadership, not just the scientists from underrepresented groups, must advocate for it

Kaitlin Rasmussen | Opinion

Saturn’s Youthful Rings & Newfound Moons Put It in Stargazing Spotlight

Saturn’s surprisingly young rings and record-breaking bounty of moons make the planet a ripe target for springtime skywatchers

Phil Plait

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Dismantling the PFAS "Forever Chemicals" Legacy

More sustainable ways of removing persistent chemicals known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from the environment are on the horizon.

Scientific American Custom Media

Yet Another Massive Heat Wave Was All But Impossible without Human-Caused Warming

New research says climate change was responsible for yetanother witheringheat wave, which baked South Asia in April