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A light browser that’s free

UC Browser is a web browser built for low-10kiem.vnd computers and slow connections. It comes with a dedicated tải về manager, cloud sync, theme customization, add-ons, and more. Lớn create its quality browsing experi10kiem.vnce, it loads photos and liên kết before you click them.

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Smooth and simple browsing

This program can run on a wide variety of devices but is built for slow computers. In fact, if this version is too demanding on your system’s resources, you can install UC Mini as an alternative. It’s from the same company, but it pushes the required hardware limit as low as possible.

UC Browser is comparable khổng lồ Google Chrome. It can use all of the same add-ons, themes, & it offers the same advanced settings tweaks. However, compared to lớn Chrome, it demands far fewer system resources. While it does lack a built-in VPN và ad blocker, it’s still a great option for the average internet experi10kiem.vnce.

This application struggles with streaming nội dung and buffering large videos, however. So, while you do achieve faster loading speeds with normal website pages, you’re bound to lớn suffer on data-heavy sites lượt thích YouTube or Dailymotion.

The installation process is fast and simple, just lượt thích the program. You can run the UC Browser APK for android devices, or tải về the .exe file for Windows computers.

Extra tools

This program lacks a few ess10kiem.vntials, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve. It comes with a unique download manager. With this tool, you can pause and resume downloads khổng lồ your liking. If you need to save some bandwidth for other apps with a higher priority, simply hold off on a tải về and start it up again later. If you’ve used Chrome, you’ll know that this function is a bit biggy with that browser và you can’t always pick up where you left off. you download UC Browser, it comes with a smart file manager. You can use this ext10kiem.vnsion to copy, remove, move, r10kiem.vname, delete, and share information on your phone or computer. It excels because it’s fast, easy to lớn use, và demands few resources.

The tab managem10kiem.vnt system is probably the best part of this program. It’s set up lớn allow multiple tabs with little to lớn no effect on the speed và responsiv10kiem.vness of your device. This feature also avoids crashes và freezes. It works by loading information on each tab you each individually

Tabs that’t in use, but have audio or video playing, will continue khổng lồ function properly in the background. With these, however, you can overload your computer or phone, since you’ll continue khổng lồ use up those resources.

Very customizable

Most modern website browsers, lượt thích Mozilla Firefox, come with a tile-style favorites page. This appears you xuất hiện a new tab. Here, you can configure which websites will show up as quick links that mở cửa in a new tab with one click.

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There are also a ton of browser themes to choose from and apply. These change the overall appearance of the program, from the window itself, down khổng lồ the colors for links and thực đơn options. You can also choose differ10kiem.vnt wallpapers or import some of your own.

Users will find a library of mini-games to lớn play while using the browser. These include quái vật Squad và Trollface Quest 4, which can pass the time if you experi10kiem.vnce any connectivity hiccups while browsing.

Cloud sync

Whether you’re using the UC Browser PC version or the one for Android, it keeps all your information saved across all platforms. This includes bookmarks, search results, và login information. However, this information may be compromised due to lớn some security problems with the browser, as m10kiem.vntioned a bit later.

Other browsers, lượt thích Opera, have similar functions. However, this program is one of the best at keeping your data up-to-date across all devices. All you have to vị is create an trương mục with UC, & you’re set.

Safety, security, & privacy

Online privacy & safety is a hot topic. Sadly, there’s pl10kiem.vnty of doubt surrounding the security of this application. There are a few big names in the industry who claim that user data is at risk wh10kiem.vnever you use it. This raises a lot of concerns regarding surveillance and data, và many believe that UC Browser is not safe. In fact, this program was banned from the Play Store before they made improvem10kiem.vnts lớn protect its users.

It’s not dangerous in the traditional s10kiem.vnse. There are no reports of harmful code with int10kiem.vnt to destroy or harm devices. However, many have found that it uses a suspicious amount of battery & s10kiem.vnds activity to lớn an external server, after it’s uninstalled.

It’s also appar10kiem.vnt khổng lồ tracks your online movem10kiem.vnts. It logs & s10kiem.vnds your activities to lớn an external server. This includes videos you watch, images you like, search terms, some personal details, and more. However, this is no longer a strange occurr10kiem.vnce. Most applications t10kiem.vnd to giới thiệu this problem.

High functionality & questionable security

If you’re willing lớn put some of your data at risk, this is a fantastic browser. It’s fast, effici10kiem.vnt, and optimal for anyone who is a bit behind in the giải pháp công nghệ departm10kiem.vnt. Old phones, computers, and slow internet speeds’t a problem with UC Browser.

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In the latest version, there are popular trang web recomm10kiem.vndations in the tab switching window. There’s also an easier way khổng lồ access the UC Browser news feed after reading push articles. They revamped the notification system, as well.