Also known as stronghold Warchest, Stronghold Crusader is the next instalment of the stronghold series. Released by Firefly Studquả táo, this game is a real-time, intense simulation strategy video game. Stronghold Crusader has several things in comtháng with its predecessor, but has been made better by the inclusion of various new elements. One major difference between the two is that, while the former game was mix in Engl&, the lathử nghiệm release has the Middle East as its location. The lakiểm tra installment also has an added skirmish mode, which is absent in the previous series.

Ever since its release, the game has received immense love và appreciation from players. It has been critically acclaimed for including various new features and making the graphics và visuals more realistic. Developers have sầu put more emphasis on developing the multiplayer mode of this game, thus allowing players to lớn enjoy the game with their friends. 

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What is Stronghold Crusader about? 

The game consists of innumerable real-time battle strings, taking place in the Middle East. Stronghold Crusader features individual crusader regions, where peasants fight among mỏi themselves. Each chiến dịch is made of several battles. Players can indulge themselves in them & fight till the over until they win. Upon completion of every Campaign, they will be rewarded with different useful things. A lot of options will also get unlocked. 

The lademo installment also depicts the crusader trail, a continuation of 50 connected missions against multiple enemies. Besides offering innumerable crusades & campaigns, players can witness a plethora of characters in this game. They all appear as AI-controlled roles, in the skirmish mode. Players can choose them accordingly as their enemies or allies. One amazing feature of these characters is that they can communicate with the player, asking for equipment if needed or assistance if they are the player’s supporter or taunting và expressing grief if they are the foes. 


Stronghold Crusader continues the story and gameplay of the original series. One major difference is that the latest instalment is mix in the Middle East. That leaves people with building farms on oasis grass because that’s the only option left. Now, people get inkhổng lồ dispute eventually because resources và farml& are limited. 

Players can also utilise other resources lượt thích marshes, quarries, iron ore, etc. for their livelihood. These resources are khổng lồ be collected by players in the course of the game. They can decide whether lớn sell them for money or use them for defense purposes. Stronghold Crusader offers two ways of building an army of crusaders. 

Firstly, players can craft weapons & turn farmers inlớn soldiers in return for gold or turn them directly into soldiers by spending more gold, through a mercenary post. 

Features of Stronghold Crusader 

This game gives players the chance lớn go back to lớn the times of the historic crusades. Players can play as either Richard, the Lionheart, or the Sulrã of Syria, Saladin. No matter which character role you choose to lớn play, you get khổng lồ size a team of crusaders, forged by years of ruthless fights, surrounded by the dry, desert heat và intense rays of the sun, và then fight your battles as bravely as mighty Saladin. Below mentioned are some of the features of Stronghold Crusader: 


This tải về is 100% Free and Hosted on the Faschạy thử Cloud Server.

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How To Download Stronghold Crusader PC Instructions

Step 1: Click On Download Button, You will be redirected khổng lồ our tải về pageStep 2: Click On Download Stronghold Crusader PC ButtonStep 3: Your Download Will Start Free Installer Officially Created From 10kiem.vnStep 4: Download và Install The File và Then You Will Be Able To Install The GameStep 5: With Good Internet Connection, It Will Be Easy To Download The GameStep 6: After Completing The Installation You Can Enjoy Stronghold Crusader PC For free

If you still face any problems or want khổng lồ report any bugs please tương tác me.

Stronghold Crusader – Minimum System RequirementProcessor: 300MHz CPU or equivalentRAM: 64 MB RAMVideo Memory: 4 MB VRAMHard Drive Space: 850 MBOperating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XPDirectX Version: v7.0Stronghold Crusader – Recommended System RequirementProcessor: 550MHz CPU or equivalentRAM: 128 MB RAMVideo Memory: 4 MB VRAMHard Drive Space: 850 MB


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No, players can only run Stronghold Crusader on Microsoft Windows. Developers are trying the release the next installments on several other consoles so that every user can access this game.

Stronghold Crusader is a real-time simulation strategy game. It can be classified under the category of adventure & action.