NameGTA San Andreas APK
Latest Version2.10
CategoryAction, Adventure
Mod InfoAll Missons
Requires7.0 to lớn 12
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If you are looking for Grand Theft Auto: San game android for android then you are at right place. In This Article you know about GTA San Andreas For apk Version. Read all about this trò chơi below also nội dung to your friends. This is the best game for app android Games Lovers. This trò chơi firstly released on PlayStation 2 in 2004 then it released on PC and XBOX too.

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What is GTA San Andreas apk ?

GTA San Andreas APK is the best open world action và adventure trò chơi with lot of missions. This game is developed by Rockstar Games. There are many games from Rockstar games lượt thích GTA Vice City, GTA 3 & more for android, but for pc there are lot of from Rockstar lượt thích most popular GTA V which is not playable on app android Yet but, you can enjoy with GTA San Andreas it comes with very big map with 4 different different Maps Parts on same single map.


Do anything in the mở cửa world by your character name is CJ. This game give you complete feel of mở cửa world in your app android device. The bản đồ and skins are perfectly designed from Rockstar. Drive Cars, run anywhere vày anything in this game. You will never bored by this Game.

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Best Storyline Game

This game comes with best Storyline with 100 mission with different different part of the map. The complete story is of CJ Character. You have to play with this character and do all missions. Every mission has best storyline. You can save any mission in the save game by which you can not lost anything, you just load the trò chơi or resume. Actually CJ is a gangster & this is not true story it make for best gaming experience.

Graphics & Sound

Map is very interesting with best Graphic according to its size. Controls are also best with best SFX Sound. Every bản đồ has your personal trang chủ and garage. Interesting old cars with real sound. You can drive train, aeroplane và more. Make you character healthy with gym, customize cars and characters.

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If you are a old games lovers or you had played GTA Games và wanna to play in app android at anywhere then play this game. This trò chơi provide you complete same experience lượt thích PC with same map, skins & missions. There are lot more GTA Games for android lượt thích vice thành phố which was very popular. Thanks lớn Rockstar for making these games also for android.