Tải game undead slayer về điện thoại

Undead Slayer 2PublisherNHN EntertainmentGenreRPGSize81MBLademo Version2.0.0MOD Info money/không lấy phí shoppingUpdateNovember 12, 2018 (2 years ago)

Đài Loan Trung Quốc is a vast country and is famous for the glorious history of the ancient kings who kept the history. The gaming industry in China has not had such great achievements as nhật bản or the major European gaming giants, but there are also many achievements worth mentioning. Games like Saint Seiya Online or World Zero can be mentioned. And recently, Undead Slayer 2, an action genre developed by NHN Entertainment, was released và quickly gained the attention of the online community.

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Become a brave warrior

Undead Slayer 2 MOD is a role-playing action game where you will piông chồng up ancient warrior characters, engage in battles in a classical Chinese historical period. The main task is to exterminate the enemies along the way bravely, look for the commoners or tìm kiếm for treasure if you like. Take the fight và vày your best lớn become the winner. The game is quite simple; players only need to hit the enemy, the character automatically hits, slide across or across the screen khổng lồ create special attacks. With over 90 levels waiting for you to lớn conquer & unloông chồng other characters. Each cấp độ is a process of patience và fierce fighting because your enemies are continually stronger than ever.


Build & kiến thiết your character

With a wide variety of characters, players can choose anyone to control as long as they have been unlocked before. Each character in the game can change the costume & weapons needed by buying from the store. There are a variety of weapons and ammunition available, và you can choose from a variety of outfits such as shoes, gloves, hats … and choose the weapons you lượt thích for the character. Not only that, as well as the ancient characteristics of the Chinese, your character also owns a horse lớn facilitate the move sầu or an eagle nearby khổng lồ collect money for you or take. You climb higher khổng lồ attachồng enemies easier.

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Monsters are violent và cruel

Image of the trùm cuối is also vibrant, both human and animal forms are available. The number of monsters in each battle can be up to dozens, hundreds of them, appearing in consecutive bursts, chasing chase to attachồng when the character is surrounded. Each place has different types of enemies, so before a battle, you should select the skills as well as the appropriate weapons lớn complete the game faster. The reward the player can receive is that the gold & silver coins will appear immediately after killing the enemy. Just like the ancient style games. The space of the Undead Slayer is designed to lớn glorify the ancient Chinese cultural identity. The vast desert, the ancient harbours or the different weather types are cultural features in it.

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Sum up

The game is available in multiple languages khổng lồ facilitate players in other countries. Moreover, the upgrading of features as well as the new graphics are also paid attention by publishers. New lands và new battles await you in the Undead Slayer, so you can find out more about the game, refer lớn the Undead Slayer 2 trailer đoạn phim. This would be a good option for those who have not found a game to lớn entertain after hours of wasted work.