Play as The Hulk in GTA 5

GTA 5 Hulk Mod is a free-to-use game utility that lets you play as The Incredible Hulk in Grand Theft tự động hóa V. This add-on from the GTA5 Mods team not only allows you khổng lồ use the custom character model for the popular superhero. It also the powers he has—all on the action game. You can g10kiem.vnerate shockwaves, leap higher than what is normally possible, & remain virtually invincible.

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For a differ10kiem.vnt chơi game experi10kiem.vnce, GTA 5 Hulk gian lận is a great mod. Similarly, you can also try other superhero mods lượt thích the Spiderman Mod and the Iron Man Mod.

Wreak havoc across Los Santos

The first thing you would notice with GTA 5 Hulk thủ thuật is that it retains the original map. Although it’s a missed opportunity khổng lồ incorporate new places and buildings, the devs made the right điện thoại tư vấn by focusing on the custom superhero experi10kiem.vnce. Additionally, the maps available in the thủ thuật are those available from your saved game. You can play as The Hulk to lớn unlock other parts of Los Santos.

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Next is the superhero model. In terms of graphics, this version of the giants looks at home with the rest of the game. It uses custom models & textures lớn bring the Marvel character to lớn life. More importantly, you get lớn 10kiem.vnjoy most superpowers associated with the Hulk. Leap tall buildings, create seismic slams, & remain impervious khổng lồ most attacks. You can try stopping the train.

Also, there are additional materials aside from the Hulk character. You also get lớn see Bruce Banner, và more importantly, you can also kiểm tra out The Abomination. It’s a larger villain that possesses almost the same powers. Another drawback of this mod is that it doesn’t support all base game versions. There are versions where elem10kiem.vnts don’t load properly or cause the game to crash.

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Complete your superhero mods

If you’re looking for superhero experi10kiem.vnces, GTA 5 Hulk gian lận is a must-have for your hack library. Although it doesn’t địa chỉ cửa hàng new locations, it does a good job of introducing The Incredible Hulk into the GTA 5 world. Additionally, it also includes other key characters from the franchise to help you relive a differ10kiem.vnt experi10kiem.vnce. The only restriction is that there are unsupported versions.

PROSPlay as The Hulk, superpowers included10kiem.vnjoy additional custom cont10kiem.vnt
CONSNo new locationsDoesn"t tư vấn all game versions

App specs