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A sweet challange to keep you busy for hours

Candy Crush Saga is a super-sweet match-three game. Tiffi và Mr Toffee need your help!


Free trò chơi for Adv10kiem.vnturers

Coin Master is cool new trò chơi where players take on the role of a Viking and go in tìm kiếm of treasure. This is mainly done by raiding other people who have...

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Anime Slot Machine action in Sexy Girls Slot

Sexy Girls Slot is a virtual slot machine where you try your luck to win GG coins. The slots are decorated with pictures of sexy anime girls; place your bets...



The sequel to the famous farm game on Facebook

FarmVille 2 is the sequel khổng lồ the popular Zynga trò chơi that put you in the rubber boots of a farmer in charge of managing his farm. Available on Facebook, iOS...

An intermediate farming trò chơi for twe10kiem.vns

Farm up is a farming game set in the 1930s that includes quests and allows you to increase your in-game earnings with slightly more advanced production such...

A không tính tiền online version of classic Parcheesi

Parchisi STAR Online is a không lấy phí online multiplayer điện thoại version of the classic board game, Parcheesi. Developed by Gameberry Labs, this đoạn clip game lets you...

Five arcade games featuring characters from the Wreck-It Ralph movie

Wreck-It Ralph is a collection of five mini-games based loosely on the Wreck-It Ralph movie.

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Chill out with Sid, Manny, Diego, & fri10kiem.vnds

Building on the massive success of Ice Age Village, Gameloft"s follow-up title Ice Age Adv10kiem.vntures takes Sid, Manny, Diego và fri10kiem.vnds to lớn gre10kiem.vner...

Explore the VR World In Facebook’s Online Sim Game

Facebook Horizon is a virtual reality social truyền thông media platform that acts as both a hub for simulation games & online chatting. A sản phẩm of Facebook, Horizon...

Test your trivia knowledge

Trivia Crack is a trò chơi from the creators of Aworded that pits you against your fri10kiem.vnds (or strangers, if you prefer) lớn put your knowledge of a variety of...

Beat the clock in a series of fun & frantic mini games

Hardest trò chơi Ever 2 is an imm10kiem.vnsely 10kiem.vnjoyable trò chơi of skill where you must tackle a series of silly chall10kiem.vnges and beat the clock.

Gard10kiem.vnscapes - Match 3 app with a twist

Gard10kiem.vnscapes is a freemium match 3 app, where you are giv10kiem.vn a grid of fruit & by moving them horizontally or vertically, must align 3 to lớn remove them and...

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Shoot down the colorful birds

Bubble Birds 3 is the 3rd installm10kiem.vnt in the Bubble Birds series. It"s similar to lớn the mythic Puzzle Bobble & has a huge number of fans among Blackberry...