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Bạn đang xem: Captain america java game

a game by Next Level Games, Inc.
Platform: Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 1 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 5 votes
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Who else saw a game to run in parallel with a Captain America movie coming? Everybody? Thought so. Marvel releases Clip games alongside their film lượt thích bacon in a cheeseburger. It"s not absolutely necessary, but it does throw something intriguing inlớn the phối - it can also be too salty or burnt khổng lồ crisp. In short, there are many ways khổng lồ screw it up by adding it in - so is Captain America: Super Soldier good bacon?

The game is based on the character in the film The First Avenger. It"s worth noting the film was actually pretty good, adding extra pressure on the developers to lớn create something that runs in tandem with its quality. You can"t get away with releasing just another average Marvel game, can you?

All-American Hero...Kind Of

As it turns out - you can. There doesn"t appear to lớn be any sort of synonymy between the Marvel film"s unique & the games. That"s a shame, really. So what makes Captain America: Super Soldier just an average offering. Well, we can start with the bigger picture of the game.

Super Soldier doesn"t offer much in the way of expanding on the film. Many cinema-goers would enjoy the movie then feel like they want khổng lồ be Captain America - immersing themselves in the game presenting a playable version of the hero. What it feels like is that you are a well-defined character dropped inkhổng lồ a clay-built Bavarian castle with no real rhyme or reason khổng lồ be there.

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The lighting in the environments is dire, the modeling is really not up khổng lồ scratch, & the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. The short chiến dịch features some uninspired puzzles, monotonous achievements, & a storyline that does absolutely nothing lớn complement the cinematic experience.Captain America: Super Soldier"s saving grace is the combat that actually dishes out some entertainment. There is satisfaction in beating up the hordes of enemies with your shield và applying finishing moves with slow-motion uppercuts. There is variation as well that allows for stealth approaches and khổng lồ use the enemy assets against them.

Remove the Super from Solider

It may have been a choice just khổng lồ focus on the core element of combat - being what makes Captain America great in the first place. All the surroundings in gameplay simply take the sting out of what could have been something great. The developers have sầu clearly used Batman: Arkđê mê Asylum as a framework khổng lồ create the game. However, they have forged a playthrough that by no means lives up khổng lồ its success.

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Captain America: Super Soldier lives up khổng lồ its expectation as a Marvel game - an average accomplice khổng lồ a good film. Maybe one of these days, the brand"s commission will change their approach và understand the importance of Clip games in franchises. The recent Batman games show how possible this is when there is a tuned focus. For now, much remains the same. The bottom line, you won"t get any immersive sầu experience that comes off the high of the film.


Combat is well-rounded and variedFinishing moves are satisfying


Visuals are incredibly blandShort campaignUninspired puzzles and interactivity outside combat
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