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Block Craft 3D
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Android 5.0

Block Craft 3d is one of the most popular building simulator games on apk platform. Below, we provide a MOD android (Unlimited Money) version lớn help you solve your financial problems. As a result, you can play freely, unlock new content and purchase items.

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Introduce about Block Craft 3DMOD android version of Block Craft 3D

Introduce about Block Craft 3D

Block Craft 3d is designed for people who love to build và explore their own world. Many review say that the trò chơi is inspired by Mojang’s Minecraft. Perhaps, the pixel graphics background will remind you of that game. Overall, Block Craft 3 chiều will bring about a creative experience. You will plunge into a world where you can explore the wonders of the world.

The xuất hiện world where you are miễn phí to create

From a creative perspective, this game is quite similar khổng lồ Minecraft. Resources are provided endlessly, so you can freely design and build buildings without wasting the effort of collecting materials such as wood, stone or metal.


Besides, Block Craft 3 chiều helps a lot in creative. Through the mã sản phẩm collection, you can reference & even use the blueprints lớn create your own buildings. Accordingly, you select the Build feature, a các mục of available models will appear for you to lớn choose from. Then you can place them anywhere on the map. At this point, you have two options. First, complete the project immediately for a corresponding cost (diamonds or coins). Second, craft construction based on frames và guidelines.

Block Craft 3 chiều is quite simple lớn play. Even games are considered lớn stimulate creativity and discovery ability for young children.

Build your beautiful village

One thing that is different with Minecraft is that the world in Block Craft 3 chiều is quite limited. Even, the entire map was just called a village. But bởi not worry about the lack of space, because it is large enough for you khổng lồ create thousands of lifetime buildings.

Each player participating in Block Craft 3d is given control of a village. They can create castles, giant figures or skyscrapers. Based on these prototypes, players can even create a small kingdom full of guard structures, residences for residents & ranches.

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Animals are also an interesting part of the game. They can be found in nature but cannot be created manually. Typical examples are wolf, fox, horse, chicken and bird. However, most of them are not available. You will have to lớn buy the Jungle Pack for 750 diamonds. This pack comes with some new màu sắc blocks and new plants lượt thích mushrooms, grass, clover, …

Visit the most loved villages

Each player’s village is ranked và can be visited. So you can search for other friends’ villages & see how they build and design buildings.

In this visit mode, guests can meet each other. However, Block Craft 3d does not tư vấn player interaction such as chat or any other activities. All players can vì is like, or giới thiệu the village that you are impressed with.

Some other features

You can use the maps to see an overview map, where you are standing, or move anywhere on the map.

Camera: This feature helps you to switch viewing angles. You can switch between the first và third views.

In addition, you can also fly khổng lồ explore any place more quickly. This ability is not available, you will have khổng lồ purchase it from a dealer.

MOD game android version of Block Craft 3D

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money in the game.

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Download Block Craft 3d MOD app android for Android

It’s been 5 years since its release, Block Craft 3 chiều has reached hundreds of millions of downloads on Google Play alone. That is an amazing achievement for a px game. Now, join the game, show your creativity and show the world the chất lượng works you have created.