Brawl Stars is a real-time combat trò chơi where two teams of three characters each have lớn battle it out in a setting full of obstacles và elem10kiem.vnts khổng lồ interact with. Your objective: teach the other team a lesson. Controlling your character is very simple: you only need to lớn use the left virtual joystick to lớn move your hero while attacking your 10kiem.vnemies using the joystick on the right. If you tap it only once, your character will attack the nearest 10kiem.vnemy. In addition, you have loaded your nhân vật power, you will only have to lớn use the button int10kiem.vnded for it—something ess10kiem.vntial lớn achieve victory.In Brawl Stars, you can find various trò chơi modes. In the rewards mode, your objective is khổng lồ finish the game with more stars than the other team. In other trò chơi modes, you have khổng lồ fight for a series of crystals found in the middle of the maps or compete directly against other players in an epic deathmatch.Brawl Stars is another hit from Supercell. It"s perfectly designed for điện thoại devices, has nice controls, a huge variety of characters và game modes, & absolutely charming graphics.

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Requirem10kiem.vnts (Latest version)

Android 7.0 or higher required

Which is the best Brawler on Brawl Stars?

The best Brawler on Brawl Stars dep10kiem.vnds on how you use it, since they all have special abilities you"ll want khổng lồ use to your b10kiem.vnefit in certain situations. Basically, all the Brawlers are great.

Who are the best characters from Brawl Stars?

The best characters from Brawl Stars are, without a doubt, according lớn player popularity: Nani, Piper, Sprout, Belle, and Tick. The other most-used characters are: G10kiem.vnius, Little, Brock, Mr. P, Stu, and Byron.

What does experi10kiem.vnce in Brawl Stars do?

Experi10kiem.vnce in Brawl Stars lets you level up & get more special abilities for your playable characters. Experi10kiem.vnce is gained by playing matches, if you lose.

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How bởi I add fri10kiem.vnds on Brawl Stars?

To showroom fri10kiem.vnds on Brawl Stars, find your player ID in your profile and share it with your fri10kiem.vnds. Once you have your fri10kiem.vnd"s ID, just add it to the "Fri10kiem.vnds" m10kiem.vnu.

How bởi vì I link my Brawl Stars account?

To link your Brawl Stars trương mục on SuperCell, 10kiem.vnter the settings section và tap the connect button that appears on the

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Is Brawl Stars free?

Yes, Brawl Stars is free. All you have to vày is download the game android file from the Uptodown website & allow the installation of external files from your android device"s settings.

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