Angry Birds Go

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Angry Birds Go!

Unlimited Money
Android 4.1
Angry Birds Go! MOD app android is a racing game produced by Rovio publisher & inspired by Mario Kart. Referring khổng lồ Angry Birds, we all know that this is the famous series of slingshot shooting games that have become the brand of Rovio. They used images of these birds lớn produce different titles with various genres such as Angry Birds (slingshot shooting), Angry Birds Match, & Angry Birds Blast Island (match-3 puzzle game)…But this is the first time, Angry Birds appeared in a racing game. This really makes me extremely excited.Bạn vẫn xem: Tai game angry birds go mien phi 2022

Introduce about Angry Birds Go!MOD app android version of Angry Birds Go!

Introduce about Angry Birds Go!

Master the track & become the champion


If you’re a tín đồ of Angry Birds, you’ll be excited to see all the original Angry Birds characters again. Start the trò chơi with a red bird, then you can buy any character you lượt thích with the money earned. Each character has a special power that can help you knock your opponent off the track.

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Upgrade your kart


With the premium business model, the game constantly encourages you khổng lồ buy in-game items. Besides, advertising also appears quite a lot during your playing. Although it offers some benefits such as unlocking the Goldfish biscuit engine in-game, this still makes the majority of players feel quite uncomfortable.

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Download Angry Birds Go! MOD app android for Android

The game has stunning 3d graphics and sharp images. Graphic style reminds me of Beach Buggy Racing. The characters are designed to lớn be quite funny with round bodies & without limbs, I don’t know how they drive.

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Overall, Angry Birds Go! still is an addictive racing game & there are many interesting things for players to explore. Although the premium business mã sản phẩm made me feel quite uncomfortable, I still didn’t give up the habit of playing this trò chơi whenever I was free.