Tải file lên media

Uploading files on 10kiem.vn is simple. Once you’ve sầu created your account just log in to get to lớn your “My Files” page & then follow the steps below.

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Upload files from your computer:

Step 1: Log in. From your My Files page, cliông xã the “UPLOAD” button in the header.

Step 2: Clichồng “From Computer” to choose files from your computer. (Need website uploads? We’ve got those covered on a super-awesome Pro account subscription.)

Step 3: You can either drag and drop files from your computer, or click one of the options on the bottom to lớn choose a tệp tin (or entire folder) from your computer.


Step 4: Choose the files or folders you want to lớn upload from your computer & then click ‘Open’ lớn add the files to lớn the uploader.


Step 5: Cliông chồng “BEGIN UPLOAD” lớn start uploading your files to lớn your 10kiem.vn trương mục.


Your files will now upload. Like magic. Make sure you keep your browser tab open until the upload is complete.

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That’s it! Give sầu yourself a high-five sầu. Or a fist bump.

Your files are now uploading into your 10kiem.vn tài khoản, where you can nội dung & organize them. How? We’ll get inlớn that tomorrow!


Newly uploaded files are highlighted in blue on the left side of their row & placed (temporarily) at the top of your tệp tin danh mục.


Got everything on your phone? You can also upload files by using our Mobile apps for Android and iOS. For the still slightly confused, or if you’re just a bạn of thoroughness, here’s a more detailed article.

Need more space for all your files? Cheông xã out a pro trương mục that gives you a whole terabyte of space. Or a business tài khoản with a crazy 100 TBs.

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And if you ever need more personalized help, we’re totally here for you. Our customer support team is just a click away – submit a ticket.

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