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Dead by Daylight APK is an official di động game version developed by Behavior Interactive sầu, adapted from the same horror game on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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After the great success of the previous versions, they decided khổng lồ develop the sản phẩm điện thoại version. Currently, the game is being tested in the beta version. You can download the APK tệp tin via the links below the article. But before that, let me learn some interesting things about Dead by Daylight – one of the most popular horror games in the past few years.

Run or die

It sounds like endless runner games, but in fact, the gameplay of Dead by Daylight is combined by a lot of different factors. The task of the player is survival, adventure, finding tactics to deceive the killer. There are five sầu players in a match. One player is a killer, the other four will play four unfortunate victims trapped in a mysterious forest.


The killer chase survivors for the sole purpose, kill them và steal energy from human fears. The only way khổng lồ get out of this forest is lớn repair and start five sầu generators around the map. They are in random positions. You need to distract the killer, & along with other players search và repair the generators. When all the generators operate, the village’s door will open. You can get out of the most terrible nightmare you ever imagined.

Earlier, I introduced you khổng lồ Identity V, a “clone” version of Dead by Daylight developed by NetEase. You can refer khổng lồ this game here.

Escape from death

The killer has many ways to approach their prey. His vision may not be as good as the survivors, but he can sense where you are. If he caught a person, he would hang the victyên ổn on hangers in some dark place. Their lives will decrease gradually for a short time until they die. Other players can rescue và help them recover. However, you need to distract the killer if you bởi not want to lớn have sầu the same fate as the player who is hanging on the hook.

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Four survivors can’t attachồng the killer. He has superior weapons, power, & speed. Moreover, he also has special skills such as traps, stun, etc. Of course, running with hyên ổn is a bad idea at all. Players can take advantage of obstacles such as windows, barriers to escape. Besides, you can use certain objects lượt thích a flashlight to lớn stun the killer for a few seconds. A human senses that help the survivors of the game recognize death. You should use a headset when playing Dead by Daylight. When the killer approaches, the characters’ hearts will beat faster.

Cooperation for survival

Dead by Daylight is an online game, meaning you will match with any online players in a match. The ability to communicate & teamwork is very important in this game if you love the role of survivor. Statistics show that players who have the ability lớn coordinate well with teammates have sầu a higher survival rate. The generator is repaired faster if there are many people. But be careful, because the killer can easily catch them all if four players are gathered in one location.


If you love sầu the role of a killer, you have the opportunity to lớn meet familiar characters who have sầu appeared in famous horror movies lượt thích The Ghost Face (Scream), The Trapper, The Pig, The Legion, The Spirit, The Nightmare, … In addition to lớn the power and tốc độ superior to lớn survivors, the killer has different special skills that make the game more unpredictable.


For example, The Trapper is capable of trapping bears anywhere in the forest. If a player is trapped by a bear trap, he can easily take the victim’s life. The Ghost Face can cause a victyên lớn be paranoid, temporarily forgetting his existence. Thanks khổng lồ that, he can easily reach the victyên ổn. The Clown is a killer. He threw the bottle of The Afterstiông chồng Tonic, creating clouds of toxic gas, causing the victlặng to panic, scream, reduce vision and speed.

Besides, Dead by Daylight has a lot of other characters và killers. You can choose the character that best suits your strategy, or simply experience the character you love. In updates, Behavior always tries to lớn bring players a new character. Do not miss!


Dead by Daylight has very realistic 3D graphics, bringing fear to the player. Developed with Unreal Engine 4 graphics technology, the game simulates extremely detailed, realistic objects. The background is dark with a quiet, stressful atmosphere, the game cleverly takes players into lớn the perspective sầu of the characters in horror movies. You can feel fear through every breath & footsteps of the main character. Because the graphics are of high unique and resolution, you should use a high-end phone.

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Download Dead by Daylight APK for Android

Overall, Dead by Daylight is one of the games not khổng lồ be missed if you’re a fan of movies and horror games. You can invite friends, play together with the game “cát & mouse” in the style of horror & bloody. Due to elements of violence & horror, the game requires you to be 17 or older.

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