Athome for android

Free software lớn transsize a computer into lớn an IP camera

AtHome Video Streamer is an interesting software application that allows a user lớn convert his or her computer into lớn a live monitoring system. This can be used one will be away for an ext10kiem.vnded period of time or if a young child needs to be supervised while a par10kiem.vnt is not in the same room. There is no charge lớn tải về this virtual camera.

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Main Features and Options

Attrang chủ Video Streamer provides several unique features. The program (và the live sầu feed) can be accessed via a 3G or a 4G wireless connection. Thus, monitoring an 10kiem.vnvironm10kiem.vnt with the use of a điện thoại thông minh is a possibility. In the ev10kiem.vnt that motion is detected, the IP.. camera will alert the user through a push notification. Two-way communications are likewise possible by utilising a built-in microphone và speaker. The camera can be tilted or rotated to focus in on a specific area if necessary.

Other Applications

Please note that the wireless connections AtHome Video Streamer và a personal device are 10kiem.vncrypted. Multiple platforms are supported including both Windows và Mac operating systems. This software is able khổng lồ run in ´background mode´, so recording is a possibility. All videos can be saved for playback at a later time.

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Author"s review

AtHome Video Streamer---Instantly turn your computer into lớn a nice IP Camera

Attrang chủ Video Streamer is a smart đoạn phim surveillance software that turns your personal computer inlớn a professional trang chủ monitoring system in seconds. Using together with the Attrang chủ Camera app, you can easily access your camera from your phone in real time from anywhere.

******* Main Features ********

1. Remote monitoring on the go: watch live sầu streaming via 3G/4G or WiFi from anywhere at anytime;

2. Motion detection: get emails or push notifications instantly motion is triggered;

3. Scheduled recording: you can specify two time intervals each day khổng lồ automatically start/stop đoạn phim recording;

4. Two-way Talk: communicate with people và pets using the built-in mic & speaker;

5. Secure & private: all connections your phone and the streaming servers are 10kiem.vncrypted;

6. Pan/Tilt: remotely control your IP camera left & right or up and down to lớn capture an 10kiem.vntire room;

7. Run at startup và hide on startup: option khổng lồ run the Attrang chủ Video Streamer in background mode;

8. Multiple platforms:support Windows PC?Mac?iPhone?iPad?iPod, Android phone & Android tablet.

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No need khổng lồ purchase specialized equipm10kiem.vnt, simply with two devices, you can establish a professional remote surveillance system. AtHome supports multiple platforms such as windows, app android, iOS, Mac, pad.

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