Phổ Đình Sushi Uraetei


"It is one of the high-grade Sushi restaurants specializing in bringing Japanese specialties to Vietnamese, Sushi Uraetei Dinning is inspired by traditional Japanese style combined with high quality ingredients & taste Japan

- Sushi Dinning focuses on serving a variety of delicious, high-quality Sashimày. In addition, diners can enjoyMany specialty dishes of nhật bản such as special hot pot, Set deluxe, sushi, ...

- Spacious restaurant space with friendly thiết kế, Sushi Dining creates the feeling for customers as a step inlớn a world.

Elegant but warm. Staff at Sushi Uraetei always blossomed, dedicated service và friendly attitude, making sense.

Cthảm bại and comfortable for diners here."

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