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Survival Island: Evolve Pro Description

An adventure game that examines player survival skills. In the game, the player must try to lớn survive sầu, explore the unknown world, build their own house, fight with the beast and cooking recipes, to maintain their own health, so that their own survival.

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The scene design of the game is still based on the island of sea comtháng beach, endless sea and forest. And you, isolated islands, need to lớn survive sầu by harnessing the resources available on this islvà.

The gameplay is for the player khổng lồ survive sầu by controlling the character"s movement and collecting resources. One of the main attractions of survival games lies in a high degree of freedom. Random events in this kind of freedom are just the places where the most fun for the player.

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The main gameplay is khổng lồ collect other resources through the props of the player"s hands. For example, by cutting trees khổng lồ get leaves and stems, stone lớn get stones and so on, and then using these materials và the synthesis of other high-cấp độ props, such as the manufacture of torches, armor and so on.

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Of course, what is more important is to lớn use all kinds of resources to lớn build a house that protects one"s own security so that one can survive as long as possible on an isolated

The difficulty of the game lies in survival, collecting meat khổng lồ maintain their own blood và physical strength, và by collecting resources to create more advanced equipment lớn enhance their combat effectiveness, etc. are all players need to lớn seriously consider. Games designed a large number of props can be made, while the props also have sầu the material needs of the corresponding tips, so players bởi not need to laborious khổng lồ find the article synthesis formula. From survival game point of view, this rich props và good operating experience makes the game because of this will not allow players to feel negative sầu game experience.